Toronto has really gotten into the whole 'hidden bars and restaurants' scene and they just keep getting better and better! From bars hidden behind convenience storefronts to markets hidden behind bustling Thai restaurants there's so much discover in this city! 

There's now a brand new restaurant on the scene and it's more hidden and more unique than all the others. Mira Restaurant just opened up at the beginning of March so now's the perfect time to get over there while it's still brand new!

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Mira Restaurant is located at 420a Wellington St W and to find it you'll have to locate the small sign reading 'Mira' on an unsuspecting brick wall, then follow the lanterns down a dimly lit alleyway. You'll then enter an unmarked door where you'll find a neon llama and you'll know you've made it to the right place! 

Mira Restaurant is a Peruvian restaurant that focuses on authentic Peruvian flavours and designs. This hidden spot is perfect for a romantic date where you can try a cuisine that you can't find much in the city.

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Some of the amazing dishes you can try on their menu are their delicious ceviches, bay scallops, suckling pig, Yucca fries and so much more! They also have a fully stocked bar where they make amazing cocktails that pair perfectly with your meal. 

This secret new restaurant will offer you a flavourful experience like no other in the city! 

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Check out their website to book a reservation. 

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