Bubble tea is all the rage right now. People are scrambling all over the city to get their hands on the newest bubble teas from the newest cafes and we don't blame them! Bubble tea is delicious and no one can argue with that. 

The concept behind bubble tea is just so ingenious because there's tons of ways you can mix and match flavours, teas and the bubbles themselves to make each tea almost customizable to your taste. 

This bubble tea cafe does something even more unique than the others though, they serve their bubble tea both in to-go cups AND in bottles! 

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Boba Boy is located at 3250 Midland Avenue in Scarborough and it's definitely worth a try! They serve delicious bubble teas with tapioca that are made fresh daily. 

Their unique concept of creating the bottled bubble tea allows you to purchase your favourite flavours at the store and save them in your fridge at home for the rest of the week! That way you won't have to go out for more everyday to satisfy your cravings. 

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This spot is already so popular in Scarborough that they're planning on opening 3 more Toronto locations in Mississauga, Markham and North York! 

They have a super extensive menu that you can choose from so naming all the amazing flavours here would take forever, but they have tons of fresh milk teas, handcrafted tapioca, slush/smoothies, hot beverages and even Hong Kong style bubble waffles! 

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Check out their website for more information and a their full menu. 

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