Warmer weather is on the way, and in Toronto, that means one thing. Tom's Dairy Freeze will start serving their drool-worthy cones again. This year, things are a little different with most attractions and businesses closed. The ice cream shop may not be opening in the near future, but that doesn't mean we have to miss out on all the deliciousness. Tom's Dairy Freeze delivery will let you enjoy the city's iconic soft-serve from home.

Dry your tears, because you won't have to spend spring without your favourite dessert.

Tom's Dairy Freeze is a humble, window-serve spot for fast food and all sorts of ice cream treats

The venue is one of the most popular places to indulge in a cone, and Torontonians will line up down the street every night to get their hands on one.

Recently, the business announced on the website that its doors will be closed until further notice in an effort to keep the community safe.

While this news might leave you heartbroken, there is good news on the way.

Tom's Dairy Freeze has now launched online delivery, so you can still indulge in its nostalgic treats and bring summer right to your own doorstep. 

You can order their most popular items in one-litre tubs through UberEats and DoorDash.

You can get all the best flavours sent to your home to make staying indoors a little more delicious.

The Classics include chocolate, vanilla, and chocolate vanilla swirl.

You can also order the dipped cones in tub form, available in flavours like butterscotch and blue raspberry.

If you've got a major sweet tooth, the layered tubs are for you. With thick ribbons of Skor, Oreo, or Reese's Pieces, you'll have no trouble finishing your order off before it melts.

Make your dessert even fancier by adding some additional toppings like chocolate fudge, crushed Smarties, and marshmallow sauce to your order.

You can find the full menu and delivery links on Tom's Dairy Freeze website.

Tom's Dairy Freeze Delivery

Price: $12.99 + per tub

Address: 630 The Queensway, Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: Enjoy some of Toronto's most popular ice cream from the comfort of your home.


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