Admit it: you're envisioning yourself spooning some hazelnutty goodness into your mouth right now. It's an actual fact determined by science that everyone loves Nutella. Disclaimer: I made that up, but you know you feel me.

So it's about time a cafe dedicated entirely to Nutella opened up in TO. 

The cafe, located inside the Sobeys Urban Fresh store at 22 Fort York Boulevard, is basically a shrine to all things Nutella, featuring only foods that contain the amazing spread. The first thing that comes to mind is obviously Nutella crepes, and this cafe comes prepared with options such as strawberry-banana and Nutella ($5.99), strawberries and Nutella ($5.99) and mixed berries and Nutella ($6.99).

If you don't have time to stare in wonder at how a Nutella-connoisseur crafts your crepe, grab one of their delicious Nutella-filled pastries. Nutella danish anyone?

Obviously, no cafe is complete without café! They have a selection of coffees, cappuccinos and lattes for just $2 to help wash down the Nutella sweetness. 

I don't think I've said the word Nutella so much in my life and now I kind of want some...Mmmmm. Check it out and let us know what you think ! 

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