Tiramisu is arguable one of the most decadent desserts out there, but to get it, you usually have to head over to a fancy Italian restaurants...well not anymore. 

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Kiss The Tiramisu is a Korean chain that specializes in (as the name obviously points out) tiramisu! Based on a recent Insta post, looks like the chain is coming to Toronto, so we too can enjoy these yummy treats! 

via @kissthetiramisu_thailand

 The cafe will be located at 160 Baldwin St, where a sign has popped up announcing that it's opening soon. They serve tiramisu in a variety of forms, most notably a beautiful gold-rimmed goblets that are just PERFECT for Instagram, check it out. 

via @kissthetiramisumalaysia

via @kissthetiramisu

via @kissthetiramisu_thailand

via @kissthetiramisu_singapore

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