Patio season is here and I'm already planning out all the spots I want to hit up before it's over. This new Italian aperitivo bar is bringing La Dolce Vita to life, and is definitely on the top of my list! You need to check out Toronto's Aperol Pop-Up Bar, located in the bustling heart of the city. 

Did I mention this vibrant new spot is only here for one month? Get your Aperol Spritz fill while you can! You and your friends are going to fall in love with this bright space and fresh, summery drink.

The bar is noticeable from blocks away with its clean white exterior and stunning orange accents. Stepping inside, the bright pops of orange are going to have you 'peeling' extra fine! With adorable orange printed tables, a sleek bar, and even an Aperol fuse ball table, you're not going to want to leave any time soon. 

The entire back wall is decked out in 3-D leaves and oranges, with a giant glowing mural of the fruit right in the middle. Did someone say photo op?

Bar Aperol has one of the coolest patios ever. Facing onto the street, you're immersed in the busy city vibe while relaxing under big, orange umbrellas. The patio offers ample seating with large, shaded tables for you and your friends to lounge at. Perhaps the most unique feature of the patio is the bright astroturf floor, making you feel like you're in a fresh, grassy backyard. 

The Italian drink itself has summer written all over it. No cocktail has a more sunny, fresh glow than the Aperol Spritz. Served over mountains of ice, the cocktail comes in a huge wine glass, but you're still going to want refills! Made with bubbly prosecco and a splash of Aperol, this cocktail is liquid sunshine.

Bar Aperol has teamed up with The Cheese Boutique to create a delicious Italian Aperitivo Food Menu. You'll be able to purchase select items from the menu as well as charcuterie boards. Each spritz comes with a free serving of chips, but the menu items are so good you can't leave without trying them! For the non-drinkers, the bar offers Italy's favourite Lavazza espresso and Crodino, the Italian non-alcoholic aperitif.

Bar Aperol officially opens on July 4th and will run until July 28th. Its operating hours are Thursday and Friday from 4 pm - 11 pm, and weekends from 2 pm - 10 pm.

Bar Aperol

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Specialty cocktails, Italian, espresso, bar

Address: 1030 Queen St W Toronto, ON M6J 1H7

Why you need to go: Bar Aperol is a unique experience here for a limited time only! Go for the awesome patio and delicious summer cocktail.


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