To live in Toronto, you have to be at least a little bit obsessed with tea. Bubble tea, fruit tea, milk tea, you name it, Toronto has it. The newest tea venue to hit Toronto is taking the beverage to a whole new level. Apparently, drinking out of normal glasses is just way too mainstream now. Toronto's Mora Bubble Tea Bar is serving tea in perfume bottles and it actually looks magical.

That's right, perfume bottles. Toronto has seen a lot of unique twists on tea, but this one takes the prize. As strange as it sounds, drinking from a perfume bottle might just be the classiest new trend of the year. 

Mora Tea Bar opened its doors at the end of August, breathing a whole new beverage experience into the city. Upon first entering the shop, you might just believe you've actually walked into a perfume shop. The sleek, upscale design of the venue and shelves of elegant bottles make you feel like you're in a modern fragrance boutique.

The menu includes a wide range of delicious teas and milkshakes. You can sip on traditional iced teas like the Honey Green, or go for something more unique like a Mango Jelly Slush. The milkshakes are available in several unique flavours, like Corn, Watermelon, and Oreo Banana to name a few.

If you want to sip from a perfume bottle like the bougie person you are, you need to order from the special menu. You can get the bottle filled with Matcha Milk Tea, Roasted Milk Tea, and more! These beverages can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Don't worry, your drink won't come out tasting like perfume. Mora's tea bottles are used for drinking only.

You can also add handmade toppings to your beverage, including a special flower tapioca. The adorable perfume bottle is yours to keep, making these teas perfect to grab-and-go!

Mora Tea Bar

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Specialty tea

Address: 3700 Midland Ave Suite 122 Scarborough, ON M1V 0B4

Why You Need To Go: Not only do they carry unique and amazing flavours of tea, they also serve beverages in perfume bottles!

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