Is there anything more satisfying than sipping on a steamy cup of hot chocolate? Whether you're a whipped cream or marshmallow person, Toronto has tons of delicious options to melt your heart on cold winter days. Next time you're in the mood for a treat, you can indulge in this epic new chocolate beverage that will bring all your sweetest fantasies to life. Toronto's Strangelove Hot Chocolate might just take two people to finish.

Chocolate lovers rejoice because this drink is filled with all the sugary goodness you could ever dream of.

Strangelove Coffee has just released the most magical hot chocolate you've ever seen, and it's certainly going to be a challenge to drink it all by yourself.

The new Peppermint Loaded Hot Chocolate is brimming with all sorts of goodness, and you'll get a sugar rush just from looking at it.

This creamy drink is blended with 66% Dominican chocolate, homemade ganache, and your choice of milk.

Roasted marshmallows are layered with chocolate shavings and sweet wafers, and sprinkled with mint and cherry dust. 

A red velvet muffin top serves as the lid, and the finishing touches include a cherry gingerbread man and even more festive confection. It looks too good to be real. 

This insane drink costs $15, half of which is donated to Eva’s Initiatives, a charity that supports young, homeless people.

If you've got a stomach like Buddy the Elf you might be able to finish this all on your own, otherwise, it's a good idea to bring along some help.

Share this chocolaty drink for the perfect date night, or get some friends together to help you get to the bottom of this heavenly beverage.

This isn't the first time Strangelove Coffee has come out with a crazy hot chocolate.

Last year's drink was topped with waffles, brownies, and more.

Indulge in this outrageous drink this winter, and stop by some of these Toronto spots to get your mittens on limited festive beverages.

Peppermint Loaded Hot Chocolate

Price: $15

When: Until December 31, 2019

Location: Various locations

Why You Need It: This epic drink is a chocolate lover's dream come true!

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