The Ex comes around every year not only to remind us that summer in the city is almost over, but also to remind us that it's time to give up on our beach bodies and embrace the deliciousness that is junk food. 

While there are several classic favourites we can count on finding in the ol' Food Building, the Ex also brings to town its share of crazy, potentially heart-attack inducing creations that some of us are dying to try. What does your choice of food at the Ex this year say about you?

1. Tiny Tom Donuts

You're a sucker for a classic. You've probably been coming to the Ex every year since you were a kid when your parents let you have your very own bag of mini donuts to get all over your face and clothes. This still happens to you. You still don't care.

 2. Beef Patty Burger

You're a carnivore with an appetite. You salivate at the thought of eating a meat patty being hugged by two more meat patties and because of this, you scoff at vegans. You have a good sense of humour and probably a loud voice - that you're going to use to order more beef patty burgers.

3. Coffee and Donut Milkshake

You're efficient, organized, and like to get things done. You still have a sweet tooth though, so thank goodness the Ex has brought you a milkshake through which you can experience both a coffee and a donut while sticking to your meticulously planned-out CNE schedule.

Photo cred - @goodfoodtoronto

 4. Poutine Balls

Like balls of poutine inside of another poutine, you're bold. Some people might think you come on a little strong, but that's only because they're intimidated by you. You're tough and oftentimes salty, but deep down, you have a heart of gold.

 5. Chicken Waffle on a Stick

You're open-minded and love all things unusual. If two things as different as chicken and waffles can meld together to make magic, anything can happen. You've probably tried to hook up your friends before and most likely failed, but they're not bitter over it because how could anyone hate someone as chill as you?

6. Deep Fried Red Velvet Oreos

You're a hopeless romantic. The thought of this deep fried treat makes your heart flutter almost as much as when you re-watch The Notebook. You're a firm believer in soulmates, but are totally okay with being in a relationship with deep fried Oreos until your prince arrives.

7. Funnel Cake

Just like you, a good funnel cake never goes out of style. You're confident in who you are and aren't willing to change for anybody. You're timeless; you can't mess with the classics.

8. Cake Poutine

You're intuitive. You know what your soul needs, and it's cake poutine. You're friendly, bubbly, and are always down to share a tasty treat with a friend while they tell you about their relationship problems. You're probably going to share this treat with a friend or two to save calories... But only so you can get more food later.

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