Everyone has their own food preferences whether it's based on personal choice, religious values or dietary restrictions. Some people just don't like meat, while others can't have any gluten.

It's important to become familiar with a person's diet before taking them out on a date. You should find out if they are limited to certain food before choosing a restaurant to eat at. Do you want to experience that awkward moment when you show up to a restaurant and find out there are barely any options for your date to eat?

I've put together a list of places that will accommodate your date's taste buds and have options for you to choose from as well. If you want to impress your date and be super thoughtful, think ahead of time. Here's a list of a places to take every kind of eater on a date in Toronto:

1. Vegetarian Lovers

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 Grasshopper // 310 College St.

You will find a wide selection of meatless meals at Grasshopper's restaurant, with plenty of fresh and raw ingredients. From chick-un nuggets, to different sandwiches and burgers, Grasshopper has many flavors to to satisfy a vegetarians appetite.

The Host // multiple locations

Indian cuisine offers plenty of vegetarians options. Spice up your date (make sure they're ok with spicy food ahead of time) and go for dinner at The Host. There are plenty of flavorful vegetarian options to choose from and you're able to get a unique cultural dining experience at the same time.

2. Dedicated Vegans

Live Organic Food Bar // 264 Dupont St.

Their entire menu consists of all live organic food ingredients. Since 2002, Live Organic Food Bar has been receiving their products from sustainable organic producers. There is a wide selection of imitation items such as pizza, cheese, hot bowls and wraps that are made with vegan friendly ingredients. You don't have to be vegan to eat at this restaurant, "you just need a spirit for adventure and a love of food."

Jerusalem Restaurant // 4777 Leslie St

Middle Eastern cuisine has plenty of choices for vegans because there are quite a few inherently vegan recipes. From falafel's, hummus, to lentil soup and a variety of traditional salads, a vegan won't be disappointed after having a meal at Jerusalem.

3. Admirers of the sea

Joso's // 202 Davenport Rd. 

Joso's is an upscale restaurant that specializes in seafood dishes, with a culinary angle that revolves around the idea of nature and the sea. Delicious seafood is prepared fresh on a daily basis and offers a wide array of fish species to accommodate everyones taste buds. Want to impress your date with the best seafood in Toronto? Take them to Joso's.

Hapa Izakaya // 602 College St.

It is well known that Japanese cuisine features several dishes with seafood. Hapa Izakaya blends traditional Japanese flavours with a modern twist, offering ocean-friendly seafood options. All raw and cooked fish is prepared to spec and there are several other selections for those who aren't too fishy.

 4. Red Meat Enthusiasts

NAO Steakhouse // 90 Avenue Rd

NAO is a super trendy Asian-American restaurant that serves prime steaks. This place will cut the perfect deal for a meat lover and they will be truly impressed. Their meat is sourced from top producers both locally and globally. It's cooked over an open flame stoked with fruit wood and sugar maple logs, providing cuts that have a mouthful of flavour. If you're not meat lover yourself, don't worry, there are plenty of other delicious items to choose from on the menu.

Barbarian's Steakhouse // 7 Elm St.

For several generations Barbarian's Steakhouse has been a popular choice for meat lovers. Their meat is butchered in-house and they have top-grade cuts that are cooked on a hardwood charcoal grill. Oh, and of course how can we not mention their perfecting pairing of wine with steaks, selected from the wine cellar that has 15,000 bottles of vino from international vineyards.

5. Gluten-free devotees 

Relish Bar & Grill // 2152 Danforth Ave.

Take a trip to the Danforth and check out Relish Bar & Grill. The tapas style restaurant has several options for gluten-free eaters with an entire gluten-free menu. With plenty of appetizers, entrees and deserts to choose from, your date will truly be impressed with this restaurant. P.S there are 3 different deserts to satisfy that post dinner sweet tooth!

Photo cred -@sarahgolds 

 Almond Butterfly // 100 Harbord St.

Many people don't have the choice but to follow gluten-free diets. This can become vary frustrating to sweet tooth and carb lovers. Almond Butterfly is a 100% gluten-free bake shop and espresso bar. They also have dairy free, vegan and paleo friendly options. From bagels and hot sandwiches, to cupcakes, fresh baked goods and cakes, Almond Butterfly won't restrict a gluten-free eater to limited options.

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