Toronto hosts tons of options when it comes to food, but sometimes you want to know what you are getting into before you arrive with an empty stomach. Whether it's accidentally pulling up to a place way out of your price range or looking for a classy night out and ending up at a dive bar, you should definitely always research a bit before you hit up a restaurant you saw on Instagram.

Luckily though, we've broken down 15 top spots in the city by price range, so whether you are broke, on a typical budget or are bougie, there is a place for you to make a future reservation at! 

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Mother's Dumplings // 421 Spadina Ave 

Mother's Dumplings hosts some of the best dumplings in the city, and it makes it even better than the spot features great pricing. You can get 24 dumplings from anywhere between $12 to $17!

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El Furniture Warehouse // 410 Bloor St 

El Furniture Warehouse is known as one of the best spots if you are looking for a staple spot with cheap eats. For starters, they're entire menu doesn't go over $5 so even if your wallet is seriously suffering, you are good to enjoy a great meal! 

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Seven Lives Tacos // 69 Kensington Ave 

Who doesn't love tacos? Seven Lives hosts some of the best tacos in the city, but by far they also have the best bang for your buck tacos Toronto has to offer. They never cheap out on the toppings so you can guaranteed delicious and loaded tacos for a great price! 

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Schmaltz Appetizing // 414 Dupont St 

If you love bagels, you need to try this spot. They do smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels like no other spot in the city can. Plus they've got tons of other options and the choice to customize if you want to get creative! 

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Brick Street Bakery // 27 Trinity St 

Brick Street has it all! From freshly made pastries and treats to more savoury options like breakfast and regular sandwiches, you are sure to find something to fulfill your craving for a great price! 

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Wish // 3 Charles St E 

This adorable spot's ambiance and set-up are reason enough to visit, but the food is just as incredible as the spot itself! 

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Old School // 800 Dundas St W 

A brunch option couldn't not be on this list, and of course Old School is a top pick. From sweet to savoury, Old School caters to ever brunch lover's wildest dreams (and prospective Insta-pic, of course). 

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Pizzeria Libretto // 550 Danforth Ave 

Who doesn't love pizza? This well-known spot in the city has several locations and a ton of options whether you want to choose a signature pizza or customize your own! 

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The Drake Commissary // 128 Sterling Rd 

The new venture from 'The Drake' has proven to be a popular one. From charcuterie boards, breads, pizzas and pastries, it's clear that the options are endless if you make a stop at this spot! 

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Chimac Pub & Fried Chicken // 500 Queen St W 

Who doesn't like fried chicken? At Chimac you can choose to either go classic or go outside of the box by getting flavours like Alfredo or Garlic chicken, but regardless of your flavour choice the chicken will be some of the best you've tried in the city! 

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Harbour Sixty // 60 Harbour St 

Harbour Sixty serves classic favourites to the nines. They host the best steak in the city and other amazing dishes as well, and while the price is pretty steep, the spot is definitely worth a visit. 

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The Chase // 10 Temperance St 

If you are a seafood-lover, look no further than The Chase for the perfect bougie dining experience. Whether you choose to dine on the rooftop patio or inside, the ambiance is pure class and the food is just as incredible! 

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Sassafraz // 10 Cumberland St

This quaint spot in the heart of Yorkville serves French inspired cuisine. While, if you are going to visit and are tossing up either brunch or dinner, the weekend brunch is incredible and a must-try! 

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YASU // 81 Harbord St 

If you are looking for some premium sushi in the city, look no further than YSU. This luxurious sushi bar serves only the freshest ingredients from across the globe, brought to one table where you get the unique dining experience of dining with strangers! 

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TOCA // 181 Wellington St 

This spot specializes in Italian cuisine and is situated in none other than the Ritz, so if you are looking for an extra bougie experience, you may want to consider this place. From the fresh food to the cheese cave you are guaranteed and delicious meal with a great ambiance! 

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