We've finally found what we never knew we wanted, that's right; THAI-STYLE ICE CREAM ROLLS have come to Toronto! Artic Bites just opened downtown and is offering stir-fried ice cream. What the f*ck is that you ask? Well kind sir it's the East Asain method of making ice cream where people pour milk on an iced grill, and mix it with a variety of delicious ingredients and serves it up looking extra fine. There are 8 flavours and even a daily feature they keep secret. From fruit loops to coconut, and mochi bites there's something for everyone at this adorable gem.

Even better? You can watch the magic being made. Because it turns out it's oddly satisfying to watch dairy being rolled up into adorable little cylinders. Make sure to get there with some extra time because making some this delicious a little extra time then the average scoop and serve.

Check out their website here and for details!

via @arcticbites

via @arcticbites

via @arcticbites

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