I love ice cream; any kind, shape, or size. I love it so much that even the basic cones at McDonalds are able to satisfy me, being diagnosed with a serious sweet tooth and all.

Ice cream is my weakness, and if you’ve got a hard-to-kick ice cream addicition like I do, then this epic churro bar in Scarborough can probably, most likely, definitely put both of us into a food coma. 

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El Habanero & Churrobar, a restaurant located 45 minutes from downtown Toronto, is a Cuban-inspired eatery that's currently offering a limited time specialty cookie cone and you’re going to want to try this thing A-friggin-SAP.

Served in a blue-coloured cone and covered in sprinkles, the cookie cone is also stuffed with - you guessed it - cookies. Large cookies. Tiny cookies. And more and more cookies (but there is still never enough!)

From the small chocolate-chip bites to the large doughnut-shaped one, the cone is so spectacular that it can probably satisfy all of your sweet tooth cravings just by looking at it.

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Though while the cookie cone is bomb and all, there's no reason to get upset when it leaves the menu during the fall. This churro bar also includes some of the craziest churro-stuffed cones and sundaes in the city; stuff soooo good that you’ll only mourn the cookie cone for about a moment until you’ve moved on to younger, better cones.

The churro bar serves churro sandwiches, churro milkshakes, and just plain old churros wrapped stylishly in a newspaper. And if you're hungry hungry, they also offer authentic Cuban dishes such as Cuban sandwiches and stewed chicken.

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The cookie cone is available until the fall, so you have the rest of the summer to spend the last of the warm nights enjoying one of El Habanero & Churrobar's many delicious treats.

For more information, you can check out all of the churro goodness on their official website.

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