The Greater Toronto Area is full of stunning surprises waiting to be enjoyed, and this summer is the perfect time to get exploring. Just off of Yonge Street in Richmond Hill, a suburban city just north of Toronto, you'll find Bond Lake - a pristine 55-acre, spring-fed lake and hiking destination.

You're going to love everything about this place the second you arrive. From the warm, inviting temperature of the lake, to the scenic Oakland Ridges trail teeming with woodland wildlife and picture-perfect vistas.

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The lake itself is easy to climb into and gradually gets deeper as you wade your way in. The water is calm and perfect for swimmers of any age and ability. Secluded picnic spots around the lake provide the perfect balance of sun and shade all day long.

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But, our favourite part about Bond Lake has to be the swingset and built-in treetop seating with panoramic views of the water. Climb your way up with a backpack full of snacks and spend the day taking in the sights and sounds of nature. 

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If you're more of a thrill-seeker, use the rope swings and jump down into the lake below. Or, bring your paddleboard or your favourite inflatable float and spend all day lounging on the water. 

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Whether you're driving or taking public transit, Bond Lake is wonderfully accessible. There's plenty of free parking in the gravel lot or along Yonge Street. To get there by transit, take the Yonge Subway line to Finch Station, and catch the YRT line up the rest of the way. 

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Your day at Bond Lake will leave you feeling as refreshed and connected to nature as if you've spent a week in the heart of Banff National Park. The only difference (and advantage!) is that you'll be back home in an hour or less!

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