Hello October! The leaves are changing, Halloween is coming and it is officially fall (even though I'm still in denial). This beautiful season sure does bring some delicious food — and I'm not just talking about pumpkin spice flavoured everything. 

We may have to say goodbye to patio season (and I for one am definitely not ready to let go yet), but to make up for it, autumn brings rich, indulgent, downright delicious comfort food best served in a cozy restaurant or cafe. 

On the lookout for things to do as the weather gets colder? Grab your fave food buddies and embark on a fall food adventure through the city. Swimsuit season is long gone so what better time to eat your heart out?

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Under $10

Grounds For Coffee 

Where: 2565 Alma St // Point Grey

via @groundsyvr

Type: Cafe

Most popular item: Pumpkin Cinnamon Buns

Price: 💸

Why you should go: What better way to eat your way into fall than with mouthwatering, warm, delicious Pumpkin Cinnamon Buns? Grounds For Coffee is giving their top-notch cinnamon buns a fall twist. They're only available from October 6 to 9 so don't miss out on these limited edition buns. 


Marulilu Cafe

Where: 451 W Broadway // Mount Pleasant

via @laprincenico

Type: Japanese

Most popular item: Japanese Style Breakfast

Price: 💸

Why you should go: Try a different take on brunch and experience a delicious traditional Japanese breakfast for only $7.99! Plus they have all day breakfast options.



Where: Various Locations // Vancouver

via @tacofinovan

Type: Mexican

Most popular item: Fish Taco

Price: 💸

Why you should go: Taco Tuesday every day please. This joint has a cute ambience and is perfect for a lowkey night out.



Where: 27 Blood Alley Square // Gastown

via @aura.russell

Type: Mexican

Most popular item: Thai Buckets

Price: 💸

Why you should go: Missing summer? Get a taste of the tropics with Thai-style bucket drinks. This Gastown bar is the perfect place to pre before hitting up the Gastown clubs as well.


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$11 to $30


Where: Various Locations // Vancouver

via @teamchomp

Type: Breakfast & Brunch 

Most popular item: Chicken and Waffles with a Poached Egg

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: Amazing brunch staples like Eggs Bennies and Chicken and Waffles — need I say more?



Where: Various Locations // Vancouver

via @burgoobistro

Type: Comfort Food, American

Most popular item: Mac & More

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: Burgoo is the home to cheese heaven in Vancouver, offering dishes like Brie Fondue, Mac & More and Gooey Cheese Grillers. This restaurant serves up some of the best comfort food in the city. 


Fable Diner

Where: 151 E Broadway // Mount Pleasant

via @berkeley.ratzlaff

Type: Up-scale Diner

Most popular item: Roast Duck Pancake

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: Who doesn't love comfort food in the fall? At this modern diner, you can get comfort food with a twist like boozy milkshakes and roast duck pancake. 


Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

Where: 1690 Robson Street // West End

via @dealwithgela

Type: Ramen

Most popular item: Miso ramen

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: What better to warm you up on a chilly autumn day than some of the best ramen in the city? Authentic, delicious Japanese ramen awaits you here. 


Cacao 70

Where: 1047 Denman Street // West End

via @elizkozlova

Type: Desserts

Most popular item: Chocolate Pizza

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: Sweeten up your day with some chocolate fondue at this cozy chocolate cafe. If you're craving something even sweeter, try their chocolate pizza. 


For 31+, click "Next".


Reflections: The Garden Terrace

Where: 801 W Georgia Street // Downtown Vancouver

via @jesswaddell

Type: Canadian, Lounge

Most popular item: Mushroom pizza

Price: 💸💸💸

Why you should go: If you're missing patio season, Reflections is the answer. This cozy garden terrace will reopen on November 15 so that you can experience patio season again! 



Where: 1809 W 1 Ave // Kitsilano

via @annalenayvr

Type: Canadian

Most popular item: Oysters with Foie Gras

Price: 💸💸💸

Why you should go: Sharing is caring! At AnnaLena, you can share several small plates with your friends and try a variety of delicious, unique and well crafted dishes. 



Where: 869 Hamilton Street // Yaletown

via @lien.kristy

Type: Italian

Most popular item: Tagliarini

Price: 💸💸💸

Why you should go: Who doesn't love a delicious, hearty Italian meal? Enjoy a fine dining Italian cuisine experience at Lupo. 


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