Attention all my purple obsessed friends, this list is for you. Now, I don't know what type of food your associate purple with (in my opinion, it's taro), but when it comes to the world of edibe delights, purple comes in many different shapes and sizes, flavours and forms. You've got ube (purple yam), blueberry, taro, lavender, etc. etc.

Just when you thought there was a shortage of purple foods in the world, you thought wrong. Vancouver is foodie mecca, and obviously our brilliant chefs are going to come up with some amazing purple creations.

Whether you-be a fan of the ube (hah), have a love for lavender, or just love purple, this is your official bucket list for purple foods in Vancouver. Future would be proud.

The Taro Monster at Flip Side Dessert Cafe

Where: 5538 Joyce St // Joyce-Collingwood

via @yelpvancouver

ALL TARO EVERYTHING! The Taro Monster comes with a massive taro milkshake topped with whipped cream and taro egg roll biscuits, a scoop of taro ice cream, and an indulgent slab of dense taro cake. Mmmm.

Vegan Coconut Blueberry Lime at Rain or Shine

Where: #120-1926 W 4th Ave // Kitsilano

via @veggeats

We never forget about our Vancouver vegans...well actually, Rain or Shine never does. Their Vegan Coconut Blueberry Lime Sorbet is actually amazingggg - refreshing, sweet, and tart. And if you catch them at the right time, you might be able to get a taste as they only make it from time to time. If you're looking the same blueberry vibe, you defs have to try their Blueberry Balsamic Ice Cream (though not vegan).

Butterfly Pea Milktea at The Bubble Tea Shop

Where: Various locations

via @littlearlgreys

Yup, drinks served in a light bulb are still a thing. You can get the purple Butterfly Pea Milktea in a light bulb glass (of course complete with pearls and sago), and if you're a purple taro lover, you can get their Supreme Taro Real Taro Frappe that's to die for.

Mr. Ube Ice Cream Rolls at I.ce Queen

Where: 2355-4000 No. 3 Rd // Richmond and 2967 W Broadway // Kitsilano

via @pork_ninjas

Fried purple yam ice cream, purple yam mochi, crushed oreo pieces, chocolate wafers, and a whole load of whipping cream - what more could a human possibly ask for? I.ce Queen has revamped their entire menu and the Mr.Ube ice cream rolls is definitely the purple star of the show.

Honey Lavender Cake at Soirette

Where:1433 W Pender St // Coal Harbour

via @lovesoirette

Purple isn't all about ube and taro, purple is also all about lavender! Definitely more of an acquired taste, but Soirette's Honey Lavender cake will have you acquiring those taste buds in no time. Sweet, delicate, and floral - everything you want in lavender anything.

Ube Sponge Cake at Goldilocks Bake Shop

Where: 2833 Main St // Mount Pleasant

via @ricouno

Ube sponge cake and ube cake rolls - come on, u-gotta-be kidding me (see what I did there 😂)! Goldilock is blessing us and making all our purple dreams come true. Soft and spongy, sweet and so ube, our love for ube just can't be contained.

Taro Froyo at Yogen Früz

Where: Various Locations

via @yogenfruz

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If you don't frequent Yogen Früz, you might not have known that they serve Vancouver's best and probably only taro flavoured frozen yogurt! It literally tastes like taro bubble tea, but froyo form. If you love taro bbt, this is the next level for you.

Lavender Latte at The Buzz Cafe

Where: 901 Homer St // Downtown

via @esther.ziyi

Calling all coffee addicts, this lavender latte is the perfect cup of caffeine infused with the essence of lavender. If you need a little purple to get that pep in your step in the morning, The Buzz Cafe is your spot.

Purple Yam Fried Frozen Yogurt at ON Yogurt

Where: 95 Smithe St // Crosstown

via @pork_ninjas

Fried yogurt? Yup, you heard me right. ON Yogurt is serving a purple yam frozen yogurt that as flash "fried" on a freezing, icy cold surface and made right then and there. And all loaded into a charcoal cone? On Yogurt is out doing everyone.

Ube Hopia at Merienda Bake Shop

Where: 4172 Fraser St // Fraserhood

via @crispylechon

If you're not familiar with what ube hopia is, you gon' learn today. It is a traditional Filipino dessert made with buttery and flakey pastry jam packed with smooth, sweet and soft ube filling. And who does it best? You guessed it, Merienda Bake Shop.

Taro Ball Desserts at Meet Fresh

Where: Various Locations

via @m_magigi

Okay fine, this is probably not as purple as you would want it to be. But I associate taro with purple, so these taro desserts will blow your mind. Meet Fresh makes the yummiest Taiwanese desserts with herbal jelly, shaved ice, and yes, TARO BALLS. It's sweet and chewy, everything you want in a nice bowl of sweet comfort.

Blueberry Gelato at Tangram Creamery

Where: 2729 Arbutus St // Arbutus Ridge

via @marompu_

Just in case you don't know enough ice cream shops in Vancouver, Tangram is another you MUST have on your radar. Their blueberry gelato is creamy and refreshing, and if you love need this on your insta.

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