Because looking at your bank account wasn't scary enough, you decided to watch The Keepers on Netflix. And because Black Mirror was creepy but so addictive, you're hell-bent on finding some real haunted houses, we created this list for you. 

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Ask yourself, if you believe in ghosts; wait for dark, and hop in for a late night adventure of spooky proportions. Between abandoned mental hospitals, ghost towns and your long-dead GPA, these sites will cause pure chills, if not nightmare fuel. 

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1. Riverview Psychiatric Hospital // Coquitlam, BC 

Dubbed as the Riverview Insane Asylum in 1913, the hospital grew to hold nearly 5000 patients by the 1950s. This included a reformatory school for boys, ward for women and a self-admittance clinic. One account of a janitor who worked there after the facility closed reported constant sounds of snickering, jeering and laughter. 

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2. Stanley Park // Vancouver, BC

Unknown to most, the beautiful tourist destination is home to an unsolved murder. In 1953, the remains of two young boys were found deep in the park - six years after their murder had taken place. The bodies remained unidentified, although they were both male and between the age of six to ten. 

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3. Roger's Arena // Vancouver, BC

Well known as a venue for huge concerts and the Vancouver Canucks, the arena has an eerie vibe to it. Late at night, during Canucks games, you can often see the ghost of a team that has lost all potential to win a Stanley Cup since 2011 and fails to commit to a proper rebuild. 

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3. Strait of Georgia // Nanaimo, BC 

It began in 2007, when a young girl found a severed foot in a shoe whilst playing in the river. Since then, nearly 10 severed feet have washed up, with no other body parts found. Theories include suicide victims, plane crash victims and murder victims. Out of the 10 feet found, only four or five have been identified. 

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4. Deadman's Island // Vancouver, BC

Currently a naval base near Stanley Park, the island once served as an exile for smallpox victims. It became the city's first graveyard, no one is sure how many bodies have been buried there to date - though the sound of chains being dragged can often be heard at night. 


5. University Boulevard // Point Grey, Vancouver

A tale told high and wide by UBC Students, the story involves a couple and a heated argument from the 1960's. As the argument grew worse the woman stepped out of the car, and while trying to hitchhike was struck by a car. Males often report seeing a ghostly figure climb into their back seat and handing them an address for the UBC library. 

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6. UBC Library // Point Grey, Vancouver 

Perhaps related to the prior tale, there have been reported sightings of an older female apparition appearing late at night. Even scarier, if you stay past dark and listen closely, you can hear the cries of thousands and thousands of slaughtered GPAs - all ruthlessly murdered by the pursuit of a degree. 

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7. Central Park // Burnaby, BC 

Although four or five ghosts have been spotted in the park, the most notable is an older female apparition from the 1950s. She was killed by a fireworks display when one went askew and caught her in the temple. When seen today, she only speaks in tongues and gibberish, possibly a result of the firework hitting her head. 

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8. Fairmont Hotel // Vancouver, BC 

Jennie Pearl Cox is famously known as the "Lady in Red" and the kindest ghost in the city. She was a frequent visitor of the hotel in the 1930s and is believed to occupy between the 1st and 14th floor today. Ironically, her presence is heavily embraced by staff and and they even named a drink after her! 

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9. Tranquille Sanatorium // Kamloops, BC 

The Sanatorium was built in 1907 to treat those with tuberculosis. It shifted in the 1950s to host the mentally ill and became a psychiatric ward. Since permanently closing in 1983, it's been seemingly haunted by past inhabitants. Those who've come close enough report floating orbs and silhouettes of people in the windows. One report even mentions hearing children crying where the paediatric ward once resided. 

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10. Hotel Sylvia // Vancouver, BC

Unsuspected by most, the occupants report of only one haunted room. Although no deaths or tragedies have been recorded, room 604 is the center of all paranormal activity. Staff and guests have reported objects moving by themselves, with one lady claiming she felt the weight of someone sitting on her. 

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11. Irving House // New Westminster, BC 

Some people believe to have seen a 13-year old girl who committed suicide on 12th street in 2002. When an investigation was conducted in 2008, they claimed to drive by a "girl wearing jeans, a read hoodie and a backpack". When meeting her face to face, she stared them straight on - her face was completely white except for black eyes. They drove past her and she was gone by the time they turned around.

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12. Simon Fraser University // Burnaby, BC

The creepy chills from the grey prison walls have a haunting story behind them. Students who have stayed in the library late at night have reported seeing flashing apparitions and objects being viciously moved by themselves. It was later found that it was finals season and most victims consumed twice the recommended daily amount of caffeine. 

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