Historically, chocolate was first discovered  in 1900 BC and eaten by Aztec tribes.  Cocoa seeds were considered as a gift from God and only consumed it in chocolate drinks mixed with spices, corn puree or wine. Thousands of  years later, we have mastered the art of chocolate cuisine by using it in all sorts of desserts and sometimes mixed with savoury meals.

Chocolate has also become one of our best emotional support systems as we eat it when we cry about singlehood, when we celebrate our success or just when we hang with our BFFs. This sweet treat is also the cause of undesirable extra-pounds; but who cares, it's so fvcking good.  White, milk or dark, crunchy or melted, the declination of chocolates is endless as you can eat chocolate with anything and everything.

If you've been having chocolate cravings lately, here are the best treats you can find in Vancouver:

Concorde Praline - Ganache Patisserie // 1262 Homer St

Enter into the enchanted world of French patisserie: texture, structure and flavour all mix in one delicious treats waiting of you.  All those artisanal treats will take you to heaven.

Photo cred - @magmei

Maple flavoured waffle topped with milk chocolate - Patisserie Lebeau // 1738W 2nd Ave

With a touch of every Canadians favourite syrup, these waffles are a great quick snack! It's a proper dessert covered with melty milk chocolate.

Photo cred - @cheesecake_etc

Chocolate cheesecake with toasted pecans and caramel sauce - Cheesecake,etc. // 2141 Granville St

The soft cheesecake mixed with the crunchy pecans and warm caramel sauce will create an explosion of flavours in your mouth. Just looking at the picture makes me salivate...

Photo cred - @foodcouver

Dark Belgium chocolate mousse - True Confections // 3701W Broadway

If you're looking for a lighter option, mousse cakes are perfect! Decorated with real dark chocolate pieces, you'll definitely satisfy your chocolate craving at this cute spots.

Photo cred - @beta5chocolates

Signature Chocolate Sundae - Beta 5 // 413 Industrial Ave

This chocolaterie is launching ice-cream socials every Saturday  from 1 to 5 pm all summer. Share your passion for chocolate with your peers while devouring this sundae topped with chocolate macarons and white chocolate almonds cubes.

Photo cred -  @fratellibakery

Chocolate salted caramel cake - Fratelli Bakery // 1795 Commercial Dr

This yummy piece of creamy chocolate cake will fit those who love sweet-savoury mix. The presentation of the cake is so beautifully made, you feel (almost) bad to eat it.

Photo cred - @e.andersenn

Nutella banana crêpe - Café Crêpe // 1032 Robson St

French version of the American pancakes, this thin and sweet layer of dough covered with Nutella and banana is the most popular crepe in France. I suggest you add toasted almonds for some crunchy texture.

Photo cred - @cartemsdonuts

Triple chocolate threat - Cartems Donuterie // 534W Pender

Whether it's for a snack or a dessert, this is THE choco-treat you're looking for when walking downtown Vancouver. Enjoy the combination of white, milk and dark chocolates in one bite!

Photo cred - @edibleflours

Marshmallow stuffed cupcake - Edible Flour // 2280W Broadway

This vegan bakery has gone crazy with their cupcakes creations: chocolate cake stuffed and topped with vegan marshmellow... Any sweet tooth has to try this one!

Photo cred - @yummybites604

Pistachio brownies - Pure Bread // 159W Hastings

Upgrading the already perfect version of brownie with pistachios was one of the best option Pure Bread offers. You'll find as well other chico-treats such as caramelized banana brownies or gooey chocolate cookies...

Photo cred - @jenkou

Chocolate raspberry cream pie - Aphrodite Cafe // 3605 4th Ave

Satisfy your chocolate craving at the best pie shop of Vancouver. As summer is the berries season, you'll even get to eat your chocolate pie with fresh organic raspberry. When healthy meets tasty, the result is incredible!

Photo cred - @whatsshaken

Minty chocolate milkshake - What's shaken // 586 Davie St

In this milkshake bar, you'll find a large variation of chocolate milkshake. With summer, the minty chocolate is definitely the most refreshing of all.

Photo cred - @veracitysal

Chocolate Marquise - Thierry Chocolat // 1059 Alberni St

For those of you wondering what this chocolate bar is, pace yourself: in four layers form bottom to top, you have hazelnut,  salted caramel, crisp praline and chocolate mousse. The utmost of a chocolate patisserie. You can also accompanied that with some stuffed chocolates. You never have enough chocolate anyways.

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