Summer means that ice cream season is upon us! Yep. You've waited all year for this and the payoff is oh, so worth it in Victoria. The city on the island off the coast has all your frozen cream treats dialed in. From inventive ice cream sandwiches made with donuts instead of whatever a traditional ice cream sando comes in, to classic vanilla and all the weird flavours in between! 

Vegan? Lactose isn't your belly's favourite? No problem! Places like Cold Comfort and Kid Sister can accommodate you for sure. And you best believe I've added them to the list! So now you really have no excuse not to try one (or all) of these amazing places. 

Feel like you need to earn it? Well, tis the season to grab that road bike put on your cutest summer dress and cruise around the city hunting down the best ice cream. Get a bit of a sweat going and really feel like you earned that cold treat. Need some inspo? I've gathered a list of 21 MUST try ice cream, froyo, and gelato places that you need to hit with your BFF this summer. This list includes places that have toppings, drizzles, and sprinkles. Switch it up or stay vanilla (literally) it doesn't matter to me. 

Seriously, what are you still here for? GO!!! 




James Bay 

Vic West 

Oak Bay 

Cowichan Bay 

Gordon Head 

View Royal 

Ice cream in Fernwood 

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1. Cold Comfort // 1115 N Park St #2

Ice cream in Burnside 

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2. Parachute // 105-2626 Bridge St 

Ice cream in Downtown 

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3. Kid Sister // #10 Fan Tan Alley

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4. Chocolat Favoris  // 1010 Government St

5. Charlie's Ice Cream Shop // 1207 Wharf St

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6. The Soda Shoppe // 801 Government St

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7. Beaver Tails //  602 Broughton St

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8. Marble Slab Creamery // 1150 Douglas St

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9.  Dog Gone It // 801 Government St

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10. Prima Strada // 230 Cook St

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11. Oh Gelato // 1013 Government St

12. Paradiso Di Stelle // 10 Bastion Square 

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13. Beacon Drive-In // 126 Douglas St 

Ice cream in James Bay 

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14. Jackson's // 12 Erie St

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15. Quince Cafe // 2527 Beacon Ave 

Ice cream in Vic West 

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16. Fol Epi // 398 Harbour Rd #101

Ice cream in Oak Bay 

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17. Ottavio // 2272 Oak Bay Ave

Ice cream in Cowichan Bay 

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18. Original Udder Guys // 1765 Cowichan Bay Rd

Ice cream in Gordon Head 

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19. Kulture FroYo // 3749 Shelbourne St

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20. Qoola // 1644 Hillside Ave

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21. Mr. Tubbs // 3454 Tillicum Rd 

Ice cream in View Royal 

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22. Pop! Frozen Yogurt // 131 Presley Place

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