Okay, tell me if this sounds familiar? "Where do you want to eat tonight?" "I don't know." Except you do know. You're just being annoying. Vancouver is home of the foodies and anyone claiming they don't know where they want to eat or where's good is lying. There are bucket list restaurants in every sub city or "burrow" as I (and only I) like to call them.  

Live in Gastown? I got you covered. Don't want to venture out of East Van? I get it. Yaletown fan? ....Really? Jk. Jk. Jk. Okay but seriously, who doesn't want to try something that is just absolutely EPIC? Haven't you wanted to visit the place that has the best caesars in Van? Or the place where you run the risk of literally burning your perfectly shaped eyebrows right off. How about the place where your sense of sight is completely removed? Intrigued? 

Well, no worries. This list, and me have you covered! Trust me, you don't get a body like mine without loving too much pasta and wine, isn't the saying never trust a skinny chef? I can't cook but that's not the point. The point is, this list is your guide to the city's craziest and best places to add to your bucket list. How many have you been to? 

Click below to start your foodie adventure. 

Downtown Vancouver
East Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver 

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1. Chambar // 568 Beatty St

Class up your next visit to Downtown Vancouver with a trip to Chambar. Fine dining, award winning, with cocktails that will knock your socks off. Make your next special occasion a trip to Chambar and make your date pay ;).

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2. The Score on Davie // 1262 Davie St

BUCKET. LIST. ITEM. The Score on Davie has put Vancouver caesars on the map. People come from all over to conquer the $60 Checkmate caesar. Complete with roasted chicken, Score burger, pulled pork sriracha glazed slider, onion rings, chicken wings, a pulled pork mac&cheese hotdog and a brownie for dessert. Can you handle it? 

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3. Kobe Steakhouse // 1042 Alberni St

KooooobeThe notorious steakhouse in Vancouver is the Japanese steakhouse of your dreams and where I am MOST DEFINITELY going to ring in my next birthday. The chefs prepare the food in front of you with pizazz and flames. It's basically dinner and a show and worth every penny for the quality of food. 

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4. Reflections //  801 W Georgia St

Cutest patio ever. The Garden Terrace is the sophisticated backyard BBQ you've always wanted, located on the roof of the Hotel Georgia, Reflections is one of six dining experiences but the only one that will get you outdoors. 

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5. The Holy Crab // 1588 Robson St

Holy Crap(b), indeed. Any restaurant that dumps out seafood on a table in front of you is on a bucket list for me. There's something so primal about eating this way, and dipping that crab meat in butter - I mean, what's more fresh than the first crack? 

Bucket list restaurants in Gastown 

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1. Six Acres // 203 Carrall St

Let the brick-lined nook in Gastown guide you to your next best meal. The rustic feel is only complemented by the hearty warm food. It's small but if you snag a seat stick around for awhile it's worth lining up for. 

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2. Chill Winston // 3 Alexander St (CLOSED)

By far my favourite patio in the summer. Chill Winston offers great starters that can be washed down with exceptional cocktails while you sun soak with your BFF. Let the summer night whisk you downstairs to Guilt & Co for some after hours fun...

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3. Ask For Luigi // 305 Alexander St

I - f-word - love it here. Judging from the outside you might've never stepped inside but when you do ... O...M...G. The seasonal menu is fixed (no, you can't ask for your pasta sans olives) and the maximum group at one table is 6 so ditch some friends and make it an intimate affair.

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4. The Pourhouse // 162 Water St

Scotch egg. Scotch egg. Scotch egg. Scotch egg. Ahem. Scotch egg. Ok, I'm done. This place has incredible shareable plates to enjoy between sipping on their award winning cocktails but if I haven't said it yet you should get the scotch egg. 

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5. L'Abbatoir // 217 Carrall St 

Worth going to for the bragging rights. L'Abbatoir is the bougiest restaurant in Vancouver next to Le Crocodile but you can tell since they both carry that French vibe with their L's and Le's.... give their brunch a try to dial down the extravagance and still eat some quality food. 

Bucket list restaurants in Yaletown 

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1. Hapa Izakaya // 909 W Cordova St

Not your average sushi restaurant. Hapa Izakaya puts elegance and class in your California roll. Hahahaha jkjkjkjk. Get out of here, they don't have California rolls. You can, however, get a prosciutto scallop roll or a lobster tempura roll. And I'm okay with that. 

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2. Brix + Mortar // 1138 Homer St

It just sounds fancy. And with that outdoor chandelier you know it is. Built in an old heritage building is Brix + Mortar, a locally owned restaurant that marries modern Canadian cuisine with fine wine that'll whisk you to the different corners of the Earth's best vineyards. Mmmm! 

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3. La Terrazza // 1088 Cambie St

Using local ingredients and combining them with classic Italian cuisine in the heart of Yaletown. La Terrazza strives to balance simplicity and elegance and therefore have made it possible to pair every item on their menu seamlessly with their impressive wine list. Not a wine connoisseur? Just ask! 

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4. The Hub // 1165 Mainland St 

"Casual, coastal, comfort" says it all don't you think? No? You want more? Okay, this place offers all your favourite comfort foods from mac and cheese to burgers and everything in between. Everything is made with local and organic products and you can should pair it with the available craft beer. 

Bucket list restaurants in Kitsilano 

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1. Maenam // 1938 W 4th Ave

Voted best restaurant in Metro Vancouver last year and the only good thing to come out of 2016. You'll never eat at Noodle Box again after trying Maenam's pad thai but their cocktails are what will keep you coming back.

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2. Dark Table // 2611 W 4th Ave

Visually impaired made fun! Try upscale dining in the shadows and eat without your sense of sight in the complete DARK. The point is to heighten your sense of taste but this just sounds too ridiculous to not try. Who's in?? 

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3. Fable // 1944 W 4th Ave 

What do you love more? Reality TV or food? You don't have to decide here at Fable. TV Chef Trevor Bird created this farm to table brunch and dinner spot in Kits across from YYoga. Someone know his market...Come down grilled asparagus salad and chickpea fritters. Meat options are also available. 

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4. The Boathouse // 1305 Arbutus St

A Vancouver classic. You come to The Boathouse for the food, sure, but you really come for the view. This is watefront dining done right in Vancouver and with locations in places like Kits, English Bay, and White Rock, you know they have scoped out the best beaches in the city. 

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5. Burgoo // 2272 W 4th Ave

If you haven't been to Burgoo are you even from Vancouver? Choosing comfort food from different countries and pleasing the masses with cheese, cheese, cheese. Like actually, though. Between the cheese breads (yeah that's plural) and the fondue selection, it's a lactose intolerant's nightmare.

Bucket list restaurants in East Vancouver 

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1. The General Public // 3289 Main St

This sushi lodge is the most fun after dark. Always featuring a Jack Nicholas movie on mute and blasting the best music you can a total modern twist on your classic sushi order. My personal fave? The Spice Girl. Pst, say hi to my friend Sabrina while you're there, and make sure to tip her well. 

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2. Osteria Savio Volpe // 615 Kingsway  

If you're anything like me, you hate sharing meals, but Savio Volpe finds a way to make the experience less daunting by offering all dishes that are truly meant to be shared. Unlike my chicken wings at the local pub. Which are JUST MINE!

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3. East is East // 4433 Main St

Dine like you're in India. Come try this Eastern haven on the coolest street in Vancouver. Silk Road dreamers can get their fix while munching on mango prawns, stews, salads and of course, everything can be made gluten-free and vegan. They even host events with music so if the spice doesn't take you to another realm the show sure will. 

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4. Burdock + Co // 2702 Main St

Small size. Big flavour. No, I'm not talking about Juicy Fruit, I'm talking about Burdock & Co. Decorated the way you want your dream house to look: exposed white brick with delicate lights strung across the wall. If that wasn't enough to tell you that this place is farm to table, then I don't know what will.

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5. The Acorn // 3995 Main St 

The place that redefines the art of plating. I actually can't even with Acorn. They manage to do the impossible: make food that looks good, taste good. Try to go early in the day to get the natural lighting for what will surely be a food photo shoot for your next Insta post. #yvrfoodie

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