You don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy some seriously delicious meat-free meals. I may be a vegetarian, and yes, I may have converted a few friends over to my side, but that's not the point of this article. I know that without a doubt, we have some amazing veg foods right here in Vancouver that most people overlook! 

Even if you aren't a vegetarian, you shouldn't be afraid to strut into Meet on Main and order that (vegan) Crispy BBQ burger! If you enjoy trying new tasty foods, then that's what matters. Trust me, I have some amazing foods listed below that you will definitely want to check out.

If you like your meals to be super trendy, drool all over your plate and Instagram-worthy then this list is for you. Let's get started.

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1. Avocado Benedict at Heirloom // 1509 W 12th Ave

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2. Pho at Lotus Seed Vegetarian // 3665 Kingsway Ave

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3. Fried Artichoke and Waffles at The Acorn // 3995 Main St

via @50shadesofveg

4. Crispy BBQ Burger at Meet on Main // 4288 Main St

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5. Naam Dragon Bowl at The Naam // 2724 W 4th 

via @potassiumprincess

6. Hummus Burger at Sejuiced // 1958 W 4th

via @aliciangalindo

7. Veggie BBQ Pork Bun & Veggie Gyoza at 3G Vegetarian // 3424 Cambie St 

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8. No Bull Burger at Tera V Burger // 2961 W Broadway

via @odonata.o

9. Garden Special Pizza at Vegan Pizza House // 2119 Kingsway Ave

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10. Chomp Sliders at CHOMP Vegan Eatery // 3586 Fraser St

via @seika_kono

11. Falafel Plate at Nuba // Various Locations

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12. Burrito Bowl at Budgies Burritos // 44 Kingsway Ave

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13. Spicy Kimchi Roll & Key Lime Pie at Eternal Abundance // 1025 Commercial Dr

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14. Breakfast Bowl at Bandidas Taqueria // 2781 Commercial Dr

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15. Black Pepper Seitan Stirfry at Panz Veggie // 3485 Fraser St

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16. Los Tacos Pizza at Virtuous Pie // 583 Main St

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17. Acai Bowl at MELU Juice & Health Bar // 1100 West Pender St

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18. Vegan Burrito Bowl at Maizal RMF // 2815 Main St

via @vancouvervegann

19. Maple Walnut Donut at Cartems // Various Locations

via @jileila

20. Veggie Tray at Capilano Sushi // 1240 Marine Dr

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21. Buckwheat Pancakes at ZEND Conscious Lounge // 1130 Mainland St

via @50shadesofveg

22. Butternut Squash Wrap at TAO Organics // 210-150 Esplanade West

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23. Caramel Sea Foam Ice Cream at Umaluma Gelato // 235 East Pender Ave

via @itsleonardlim

24. Nut-thing Better Acai Bowl at Buddha-Full // Various Locations

via @chloescountertop

25. Chickpea Fries at Chickpea // 4298 Main St

via @monochoco

26. Cinnamon Roll at Edible Flours // 2280 West Broadway

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