Finding the perfect spot to eat in your hometown is always a challenge. You’re such a creature of habit that you have your favourite places, but we both know it’s time to branch out. What you’ve been getting after on the weekdays is decent but you can only sustain a Subway diet for so long before you make your way through all the weekly subs.

Most people think Everett only has fast food joints but did you know it’s possible to get fast food with restaurant quality right here in the city? You just need to know where to go.

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Sure it’s good to kick back and cook at home but once in a while it’s nice to get out and treat yo self, and frankly, if you do, Chubby Chicken just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

There is a misconception that the only way to eat great food is to go to the big cities, but I don’t think you need to be in Seattle to find choice meals. (Snobs!)

Great food and quality dining can be had in your own neighbourhood! These restaurants below will have you mowing down a sloppy burger or a messy sub with authentic ingredients and flavours that’ll knock your socks off!

They’re here to prove that Everett’s got game and can stack up just as well against the likes of the rest. Move over, Seattle!

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Barney's Pastrami // 5130 Evergreen Way

Messy eats find their home over at Barney's Pastrami. Barney's meals are souped up platters masquerading as sandwiches.

Picture the most amount of meat stuffed in between two pieces of wheat and calling it a sandwich. You've got Barney's!

Recommended: The Pastrami Sandwich (duh!)

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Nick 's Jr. Burger and Gyros // 5821 Evergreen Way

Forget Carl, get that burger-fry fix at Nick's Jr. Burger and Gyros. With ridiculously cheap prices for gourmet burgers, Nick's selection is almost too hard to choose from! Who wants to take on the challenge?

Burgers aren't your thing? Try one of Nick's famous gyros complete with shaved meat, tomato, cheese, and sour cream. Mmmm!

Recommended: Peanut Butter Bacon Burger

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Hawaiian Sun BBQ // 607 SE Everett Mall Way

Maui. Effin. Ribs. Hawaiian Sun BBQ is bringing the much-needed island warmth to the Pacific Northwest and the rainy state is grateful for that.

This family operated business is run by a husband and wife with their kids working the front, giving you that authentic family feel. Originally from Oahu, the family opened Hawaiian Sun BBQ to bring a medley of flavours from Hawaiian, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese to their menu.

Recommended: Mochi Chicken

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Redrock Subs // 3514 Broadway

Subs. The hero of all sandwiches. Redrock helps curb our need to go to Subway to get our hands on the greatest of all sandos. From traditional choices like beef dip and reubens to more unconventional picks like The Grecian and Hawaiian, Redrock has a sub for everyone.

Enjoy a microbrew with your next sub and feel like you're having a fine dining experience without having to dress the part or use your inside voice.

Recommended: Hot Pastrami

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Jimmy Johns // 2602 Broadway

Sometimes it's safer to go with a franchise. JJ's ever reliable menu includes any kind of sandwich you could possibly want. They cater events and have a great list of sides that you will have a hard time choosing from, guaranteed.

Inspired by Chicago street food, JJ's original menu featured strictly hot dogs but you won't find any on the menu today. They feature slims, subs, and "the gargantuan" a sub that will feed an entire village.

Recommended: The Slim Shady with a side of Jalapeno 'Jimmy Chips.'

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Ivar's Seafood Bar // 1520 41st St

The only place where you can get fancy seafood entrées to classic fish and chips. Your craving doesn't matter, it just needs to live under the sea.

Ivar's lives all across Washington with 24 Seafood Bars for casual dining and 3 waterfront fine dining restaurants. Craving it during the game? Ivar's also caters stadium concession stands across the state!

Recommended: The chowder

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