The leaves are falling, the air is getting crisper and cooler, and the grey rainy Vancouver skies are returning to their rightful place in the city. You might love fall, but there's no denying that we're going to be in serious need of a warm pick-me up in the cold weather.

And you know what goes best with cold weather? Yes, cuddling up to a hot cup of booze.

Say goodbye to patio cocktails and hello to warm, creamy, alcoholic drinks by the fireside. Here are 7 cozy places in Vancouver to get a little tipsy and sleepy with your favourite warm libations.

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1. The Sylvia Hotel // Bailey's Hot Chocolate & Hot Toddy

You've definitely strolled passed the Sylvia Hotel this summer as you were enjoying the sunset at English Bay, but now that it's raining, it's time to cuddle up inside the hotel restaurant and grab their famous Bailey's Hot Chocolate topped with a crispy hazelnut wafer. And if you're not a coffee person (because coffee is soooooo bad for you), their peppermint-tea based hot toddy with a splash of rum and a squeeze of lemon is your go-to.

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2. Thierry // Spiked Espresso & Liquid Chocolate

Thierry's liquid chocolate is to die for. But a spiked liquid chocolate, girl you've died and transcended to another life. And not only will they spike your hot chocolate, but they'll also booze up your espresso. With a warm and welcoming Parisian atmosphere, you and you girlfriends will want to get comfortable and set up tent for hours while the rain patters away outside.

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3. True Confections // Boozy Moos

Steamed milk? Yes, please. Steamed milk with alcohol? YAS, PLEASE! True Confections' Boozy Moos are the perfect warm and creamy tummy cuddling drink to have during the cold seasons. I'd have to say their Bailey's Caramel Moo is the best, but I'm a little Bailey's bias, so definitely try the other drinks as well. And if you're looking for something a little nuttier, try their True Confections Afternoon, with Kahlua, Bailey's, Frangelico and coffee topped with whipped cream.

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4. Paulie's Kitchen // Irish Coffee

It's not on their bar menu because it's a pretty basic drink, but Paulie's takes basic to a whole other level by making one of the best Irish coffees in town. Made with their own, Yaletown Distillery Co. vodka, you can trust Paulie's to serve up a satisfying brunch with hot boozy coffee.

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5. Milano Gastown // Spiked ANYTHING

You know Milano makes awesome coffee, but you might not know that Milano Gastown will spike practically any drink for you! Granted that you can only get alcohol after 11am, but you can still get your liq fix along with your coffee fix.

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6. Hy's // Hot Buttered Rum & Flaming Spanish Coffee

Get flashy with Hy's Flaming Spanish Coffee at the cocktail bar, or get cozy with their Hot Buttered Rum made to perfection with Bacardi Black Rum. Their amazing warm, boozy drinks with the dim, romantic lighting and classy interior will be your perfect escape this fall.

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7. Joe Fortes // House Coffee

Joe Fortes is definitely famously known for their amazing seafood, especially their oysters. But the slight lesser known spiked house coffee deserves just as much love. A tall glass of Americano spiked with Frangelico, Bailey's and whiskey, topped with whipped cream - I don't know many things in life that could be better.

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