Okay Vancity indeed the dreaded rainy days of our city have already begun to fall upon us, but it doesn't mean that we should let it impede on our last little bit of summer!

And what better way to begin September than by hitting the highway for a road trip and trying some awesome food that you normally wouldn't?

Vancouver definitely has some of the best food in BC, but certainly not all. So grab your foodie squad and hit the road for an awesome road trip while hitting up some of these must-try restaurants and eateries:

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1. Red Fish Blue Fish // 1006 Wharf St, Victoria

An outdoor waterfront eatery dedicated to serving fresh, local and sustainable seafood, Red Fish Blue Fish in Victoria is whipping up some insane west coast style fish 'n' chips and their own invention, the hand-roll style "tacones". Satsifying crowds from all over, you definitely cannot leave the island without having tried their off-the-chain fish tacos and jerk fish poutine.

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2. Catalano // 619 Courtney St, Victoria

A Mediterranean style restaurant and "cicchetti" bar, with an affinity for creating Spanish and Italian flavours with locally sourced products, Catalano is definitely a one-of-a-kind restaurant and bar. Now you can say you've had Venetian tapas without even having been to Venice.

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3. Cold Comfort // #2-1115 North Park St, Victoria

This retro little ice cream joint is one you'll want to check off you're bucket list of must-have ice creams before you die. Cold Comfort specializes in producing small batch ice creams to reflect the changing seasons and local flavours. You'll get to try unique ice cream flavours like their balsamic, blackberry and juniper, and avocado, tequila, and cilantro. Can't say I've seen those combos anywhere else before. And don't forget to try their insanely good ice cream sandwiches!

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4. Bearfoot Bistro // 4121 Village Green, Whistler

Admittedly the food here is maybe just about average, but they have by far the largest wine cellar in BC, and that in itself is worth a visit. With over 17,000 bottles of wine, Canada's only permanent sub-zero vodka tasting room, AND the chance to saber your own bottle of champagne, you probably won't leave here feeling pretty bossed up and boozed out.

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5. Hello Toast // 428 Victoria St, Kamloops

Situated in downtown Kamloops is this quirky little breakfast and brunch joint, complete with mismatched chairs and a whimsical chalkboard menu. Serving delicious and wholesome breakfasts, without forgetting about our vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free friends, their super friendly staff will be on their toes ready to serve you hands-down the best breakfast in Kamloops.

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6. Terra // 326 Victoria St, Kamloops

And when you've finished breakfast at Hello Toast, you have to try this Kamloops restaurant that only believes in cooking with the seasons. At Terra, the menu never stays the same. It is constantly being revamped by their talented and dedicated team of chefs who want their food to reflect the freshest and best of their local ingredients and surprise you with new experiences. You might also want to try their Chef's Table option where the chef personally chats with you and prepares a meal specifically just for your table.

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7. Bad Tattoo Brewery // 169 Estabrook Ave, Penticton

" Like a true bad tattoo, our brews are handcrafted and leave you with a great story to tell" - with a tagline like that, how could you not go to this brewery? The brewers at Bad Tattoo are a little crazy, but their craft beers are perfect. Along with their chefs, who are also a little crazy, they are dishing out super funky and unique pizzas to go with their brews, like their Hoisin Duck and Sriracha Chicken pizza. This eclectic little spot is one you absolutely cannot miss.

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8. Hillside Winery & Bistro // 1350 Naramata Rd, Penticton

Voted Top 100 Outdoor Restaurants in Canada this year by Open Table, and for good reason. Their upper open air patio overlooks a stunning view of their entire Hillside winery, and at sunset, just wow. Offering the freshest produce grown by local farmers, Hillside Winery & Bistro only serves the best of BC.

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