When you're drunk, everything looks tasty. A slice of ham on a piece of burnt toast could potentially be the best thing to ever happen to you, if you're drunk enough. Maybe even a potato chip and ketchup wrap, if it's really a rough night.

However, if you're a determined drunk and don't want to settle for some mediocre food cooked in the dirty kitchen of your friends apartment, then why not try one of these eight restaurants? They're open late and guaranteed to provide some substantial food that will satisfy all of your intoxicated wishes.

Photo cred- @captainmairica

1. Breka Bakery // 855 Davie St

Open 24 hours, because you know you want at least five mini cakes and maybe a coffee or two to keep you going. It's really inexpensive too, so you can afford to eat all you want even after spending most of your money on drinks at the bar.

Photo cred- @justinvancouver

2. Siegels Bagels // 1883 Cornwall Ave

Nothing sobers you up better than a ton of carbs. Choose either a bagel on its own, or one of their awesome sandwiches no matter what time of the night.

Photo cred- @k8foodcouver

3. Donair Dude // 1172 Davie St

Open until 3:30am on weeknights and 4:30am on weekends, Donair Dude is obviously the place to go if you're looking for an awesome donair late at night, and we all know how much every drunk person loves a good donair.

Photo cred- @wrayolivia

4. Duffin's Donuts // 1391 E 41st Ave

Probably one of the most popular destinations for intoxicated people in Vancouver, Duffin's Donuts has so much more than just donuts. There's a huge variety of sandwiches, drinks and of course, donuts. Open 24 hours for your donut binging convenience.

Photo cred- @sharonmalu

5. Lucy's Eastside Diner // 2708 Main Street

Have you ever had the totally normal desire to visit a 50's diner at four in the morning? If so, you're in luck! Lucy's is open 24 hours so stop on by and pick up a milkshake and fries.

Photo cred- @_camillegrace

6. Mean Poutine // 718 Nelson Street

Poutine is hands down the champion of all drunk foods. Literally nothing is more perfect after a long night out than shovelling gravy and cheese curd covered fries in to your mouth at lightening speeds. Open until 4am everyday except Sundays.

Photo cred- @solipii

7. Fritz European Fry House // 718 Davie St

Anything fried is an automatic win when it's the middle of the night. Open until 3am, stop on by and grab some of their pulled pork poutine!

Photo cred- @teamchomp

8. Uncle Fatih's Pizza // 625 Nelson Street

If you have picky friends, then you can't go wrong with pizza. Everyone loves pizza, especially when there's so many options available for toppings. Open until 3am on Friday and Saturday nights.

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