I'm the type of gal who periodically (constantly) sticks her head in the freezer in hopes that I may have left a treat in there I forgot about.

In other words, my sweet tooth is out of control, and having been blessed with such an insatiable sugar craving (thanks dad), I'm constantly on the hunt for yummy treats to feed it with. It's like a "time of the month" type of craving but I have it pretty much all day, every day.

In Vancouver there are places upon places for you to get a fantastic dessert. You can get them full of sugar, gluten-free, nut-free, vegan, organic, calorie-free (ok, maybe not) you name it and this city has got a dessert for you. There are a few specific deserts that have absolutely blown my mind and this is a list of them so you can go try them this instant.


Exotic White Chocolate Cake at Small Victory // 1088 Homer St.

This cake absolutely blew my mind... it's small and mighty jam packed with flavour. It's a treat that I will continue to revisit a million times. It's got a mango-passion fruit filling that is to die for with a white chocolate mousse around it.

via @flyingjoann

Hot Overflows from Off The Grid Waffles // 2665 Kingsway

Does a picture not speak a thousand words?! These little babies are full of creative flavours like hot Nutella and hot strawberry and all of them come with a delicious waffle on the side.


Chocolate Milano Cake at The Teahouse in Stanley Park // 7501 Stanley Park Dr.

There aren't enough amazing things to say about this cake. People literally come from around the world to try it. It's chocolate mousse, with chocolate ganache on top, and raspberry sauce on the side. Too good!

via @wyginna

Chocolate Hazelnut Zuccotto at Sweet Obsession // 2611 W 16th Ave.

It's a dome of chocolate chiffon filled with chocolate mousse and hazelnut mousse covered in chocolate ganache and is absolutely one of a kind. People around Vancouver go crazy for this dessert and I can see why!

via @rainorshineyvr

Tuesday Taco at Rain or Shine // 1926 W 4th Ave.

What could be better than a regular taco Tuesday?! Ice cream taco Tuesday of course!! Rain or Shine has unbelievable flavours you've probably never tried before, and you can mix and match them in a yummy sugar taco shell! Add some toppings and you'll be in heaven.

via @kellyhjkim

Chocolate Banana Cream Pie at Aphrodite's Organic Pie Shop // 3598 W 4th Ave

This pie is out of control. I tried to only have one bite but I think I ended up having 3 full slices. It's got a flaky pie crust, with a thick layer of chocolate and banana topped with chocolate mousse and chocolate flakes. It is something you will continue going back for again and again.

via @treescoffee

Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake at Trees Organic Coffee // 450 Granville St.

This has been called some of the best cheesecake in the city, and I have to agree! It's a perfect balance of cinnamon, nutmeg, and beautiful pumpkin flavour. It has a hint of spice, which makes it that much better and it's on top of a graham crust. Yum!

via @wyginna

Donuts at Cartems Donuterie // 534 W Pender St

These donuts look as good as they taste! They have tons of super cool and yummy flavours, like the London Fog, and have monthly feature donuts that are always out of this world.


Waffles with Salted Caramel at Chambar // 568 Beatty St.

I can not get enough of these perfect little waffles. They are light and fluffy and will honestly taste perfect with any of the dipping sauces. I happen to go nuts over the salted caramel but you can get mixed berry compote, dark chocolate lavender, white chocolate pistachio rosewater, or any of the other flavours and they will all taste unreal.

via @bigrockurbanyvr

Burnt Caramel and Chocolate Parfait at Big Rock Urban Brewery // 310 W 4th Ave.

It's amazing stout chocolate cake, with a burnt caramel custard, mixed with white chocolate mousse-sponge toffee and it is absolutely incredible. I'm also a sucker for anything in a jar because I just think it's cute, but this one is as tasty as it is adorable.

via @flyingjoann

Apple Pie at Juniper // 185 Keefer St.

Go crazy over the Juniper Apple Pie! It's a perfect flakey crust folded over with chestnut frangipane, caramel, and aged cheddar. It is seriously something to write home about.

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