Like many other females, I can get serious cravings when it's my period. To distract myself from the cramps, I've created a helpful list of restaurants for period cravings in Vancouver – spots to go when you want to soothe yourself with a little treat. No matter what your cravings are, whether sweet or savoury, there's something on this list for everyone with period cravings during those days of the month.

Here are six places to go in Vancouver that will satisfy all your period cravings:

Small Victory

Craving: Bread

Price: 💸

Address: Yaletown, 1088 Homer St, Vancouver V6B 2W9 and South Granville, 3070 Granville St, Vancouver, V6H 3J8

Why you need to go: From fresh-baked sourdoughs and hearty croissants to delicate cakes and pastries, if you have a craving for bread, then this place will satisfy.


Glory Juice Co.

Craving: Chocolate, Comfort Food (healthy)

Price: 💸

Address: Locations in Coal Harbour, Yaletown, Kitsilano, Olympic Village and more.

Why you need to go: This is the best place to go for satisfying your cravings without having to feel bloated or getting a sugar crash. Their breakfast toast is the ultimate gluten-free comfort snack and they sell Glow chocolate truffles that satisfy chocolate cravings without dairy or refined sugar.



Craving: Comfort Food, Cheese

Price: 💸💸

Address: Locations in Downtown, Kitsilano, Mount Pleasant, North Vancouver and Point Grey.

Why you need to go: Grilled cheese, mac and cheese and cheese fondue... this place has it all! Plus their soup and sandwich combos hit the spot when you want comfort food.


Soft Peaks

Craving: Sweet and Creamy

Price: 💸

Address: Gastown, 25 Alexander St., Vancouver V6A 1B2 and Metrotown, 4603 Kingsway, Burnaby V5H 4L3

Why you need to go: Organic milk soft serve with fresh and decadent toppings means you will feel good about indulging here. It's perfect for when you're craving something sweet and creamy. 


The Parlour

Craving: Salty and Cheesy

Price: 💸💸💸

Address: Yaletown, 1011 Hamilton St, Vancouver, V6B 5T4

Why you need to go: You might want to take it to go and avoid the raucous atmosphere, but for salty and cheesy cravings, you can do no better than pizza from The Parlour. You won't be able to resist their Goldmember pizza, which comes with caramelized onion, potato, gruyère and mozza.



Craving: Chocolate

Price: 💸

Address: Multiple locations

Why you need to go: For when you're just craving chocolate, Purdys has you covered. Whether you like it dark, minty, caramelly or with peanut butter, there's something here that will satisfy your next craving, with a touch of class. 


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