Vancouver has a hunger for good fried chicken, even doubly so if it’s spicy, and Downlow Chicken Shack made “Nashville Hot” in Vancouver practically famous.

The food trend has expanded across the city since it’s humble beginnings here to include vegan seitan “chicken” sandwiches, spicy fish and chips, and even ice cream.

Nashville was going to be the next product that took over.

Doug Stephen, Downlow Chicken

"Nashville hot is dunked in a spiced fat of some sort, traditionally it's lard although we use canola oil," said Stephen, and it's a seriously hot but complex bite that's finished with a dry spice dust coating.

Stephen says that both hot chicken and fish originally come from Prince’s in Nashville, but you can get your fix right here.

Not everyone can just throw it on their menu because it takes a lot of work to make but it's worth it because it's easier to control the level of heat so you get the perfect mouthful every time.

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