If you ever had the audacity to think Pokémon would phase out with your childhood, think again. A Vancouver Pokemon pop-up bar is landing in the city next summer and you better bet you’ll be seeing us there.

This special pop-up is the first-ever of its kind and will be what a Pokémon lover’s dream is made of. Fully equipped with Pokémon inspired burgers, games, and cocktails, you won’t even have to think of a life outside the Pokémon universe while you’re there.

The games are live-action. What this means is that you get to participate in trivia, card battle, action stations, and massive interactive games that’ll put that Gameboy to shame. Each of the games earns your points so you can evolve your Pokémon. At the end of the night, the team with the most evolved Pokémon will win some awesome prizes.

Didn’t win? Not to worry. There will be many chances to win mini prizes throughout the evening.

The pop-up will only be open for a limited time and tickets will also be limited and sold on a first come first serve basis. Ticket prices include your entrance plus a burger and a drink, all of which are Pokémon themed, of course.

Want to secure your spot? Sign-up for pre-release tickets with this link. Oh, also, there will be prizes for best dressed so get your Poké-garb ready.

PokeBar Pop-Up

Location: Vancouver

Price: TBD

Why you need to go: Re-visit your childhood passion in live-action with a drink and burger in hand right here in Vancouver. How often does this chance roll around?


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