It's not called a superfood for no reason. Acai bowls are a yummy breakfast staple in many tropical places such as Hawaii and Brazil. These bowls provide a healthy bowl of antioxidant goodness that keeps you energized. There are a ton of health benefits; acai bowls have anti-aging properties, help with weight loss, and improve your immune system.

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With the hot summer weather on it’s way, get a taste of Hawaii and try an acai bowl. It's the perfect way to start your day! Here are the 7 places to get acai bowls in Vancouver listed in no particular order:

1. Glory Juice Co. // 2186 W 4th Avenue, 4027 Macdonald Street, 78 E 2nd Avenue

Glory Juice is committed to making fresh, clean + simply delicious healthy and good food and drinks. Aside from amazing acai bowls, Glory Juice also boasts organic cold-pressed juice and shakes. A visit here is sure to be glorious.

Cost: $12

2. Radicle Juice // 3088 Main Street, Mount Pleasant

Radicle has the biggest selection of acai bowls in Vancouver, with 6 different mouth watering bowls. For almond lovers, try the Nutter Butter.

Cost: $11

3. The Juicery // 3570 W 4th Avenue, Kitsilano, 254 1st St E, North Vancouver, and 3130 Highland Blvd

This local family company started in North Vancouver and has expanded to Kitsilano. The Juicery Co uses only natural, organic ingredients.

Cost: $10.5

4. Buddha-Full // 106 West 1st Street, North Vancouver

Buddha-Full offers 3 different acai bowls all topped with fresh fruit, bee pollen, Goji berries, and local honey.

Cost: $11

6. Indigo Age Cafe // 436 Richards St., Vancouver

Conveniently located in Downtown, try the Acai Sunrise Bowl, a mixed berry blend with acai banana sorbet, fresh fruit and raw granola.

Cost: $8

7. Body Energy Club // 2146 West Broadway, Vancouver

Aside from acai bowls, Body Energy Club also has a wide range of health supplements and a smoothie bar.

Cost: $8.5

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