With summer rising up, smoothies are getting more and more popular. Refreshing drinks full of vitamins and natural sugar, it's a great option for breakfast, desert or a snack!

Whether you like it green, chocolatey or fruity, these smoothie bars have a variety of flavours that will satisfy everyones taste buds.

Here is a list of the 9 Best Smoothie Bars in Vancouver:

1. Commodity Juicery // 3975 Fraser St

If you're looking for a nutty and filling smoothie, I recommend the Cheeky Monkey !

2. What's shaken bar // 586 Davie St

This place has delicious and gourmet shakes such as Peppermint Choco-mint or Creamy Caramel Swirl.

3. Radicle Juice // 3088 Main St

Mixing raw fruits, non-dairy milk and nuts butter, those smoothies are very tasty and full of vitamins. The Casanova (acai, maca, blueverry, almond butter, orange and coconut milk)  is my favourite!

4. Indigo Age Café // 436 Richard St

This vegan and gluten-free café offers lots of very healthy options. Their smoothies menu is basic and refreshing. I like the fresh mint in their Green Monster smoothie.

Photo cred - @ug_222

5. Jugo Juice // 202 Davie St

Very popular brand, they have such a great diversity of options, everyone finds the right fit!

6. The Juice Truck // 28W 5th Ave

When I heard about their avocado smoothies, I had to have one! The texture of the drink is so creamy, it was yummy !

7. Buddha-Full // 106 W 1st

With at least 6 ingredients in all their options, Buddha-full has mastered the art of smoothies. The experts of smoothies have to go there!

8. Sejuicevancouver // 1958 W 4th

This vegan-friendly restaurant offers a lot of delicious smoothies from "Energy Elixers" to "Superpowers Shakes" -  amazing healthy desert!

9. Mothers Smoothies // 134 E 14th St

This brand advocates for Fair Trade and Organic ingredients. Their smoothies are really exotic, each sip of the "To my Surprise" smoothie will make you travel to a tropical destination.

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