Nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction after a long hike, but if you have an awesome endpoint with a breathtaking view at the end - we’d call that a day.

This hike in the Furry Creek area right before Squamish is such a great way to spend the day, with a mysterious deck that has been built in the middle of the forest overlooking the bay. 

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This area is actually a popular area for ATV riders and dirt bikers (you may actually hear some as you make your way to the secret deck), with the Furry Creek Service Road taking you up a rocky path into a forest. 

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The entire hike only takes about 1 or 2 hours to complete, so it is perfect for a day trip from Vancouver! The fun part about this particular hike is that there are actually no trail markers or signs to direct you towards the Secret Deck - hence its name! However if you would like vague directions, there is a map on the internet accessible here that may help. 

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Here’s a tip from us: you know you’re going the right way if you can see the shotgun shells - a little bit after that you’ll see a trail going into the trees on your left. Follow that trail and you’re set! 

To get to the hike, take the Furry Creek exit off Highway 99, and drive north along Furry Creek Drive until you can turn right onto Sea View Drive. You should reach a gravel road with a fence barrier, where you can park and begin your hike! Good luck!

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