With so many mountain regions in British Columbia, there is an abundance of spectacular views that are to be experienced living in the area.

Around a five-hour drive from Downtown Vancouver, there is a view point platform located on the edge of a cliff that offers stunning views of Okanagan, Oyama - including Kalamalka Lake, Wood Lake, and Terrace Mountain.

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Oyama is a region that is located a 50-minute drive from the city of Kelowna, British Columbia. The Oyama Lookout is a little hidden secret of Oyama - and is surprisingly rather easy to access!

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It is more of a hangout spot than a hike, but you’ll have the chance to take some amazing photographs of the view below. This really is one of the best spots to just take a day trip, explore, and watch the sunset - and, it’s dog-friendly!

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To get to the Oyama Lookout, head up Oyama Lake Road and pull over at the twelfth U-turn, which is around 8km from the Middle Bench Road/Todd Road intersection. Walk out to the cliff-side and walk southwest along the edge of the cliff until it ends, the trail will eventually end but the platform is only a few hundred metres later on your left! 

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Get your cameras ready for some amazing Instagram pictures!

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