Did you know in British Columbia there is a vast rainforest the size of Ireland? For those who are slightly geographically challenged - that is big.

Encompassing about a quarter of the world's coastal temperate rainforest, it is the perfect place to soak up a whole lot of silence, and experience true pristine nature. 

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The Great Bear Rainforest is located on the northern coast of British Columbia, and consists of an unparalleled abundance of wildlife, as well as lush forests rising from the water's edge and carpeting the landscape in greenery. 

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The rainforest is home to the elusive white Kermode bear, also known as the 'Spirit Bear'. A subspecies of black bear, the Kermode bear has naturally white fur, with only 10 percent of the black bears born in this area carrying the recessive white gene. 

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People travel from far and wide for a chance to spot the rare animal - as this is the only place in the world you can do so.

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This beautiful spot of nature exists untouched as it did thousands of years ago, and is a place that will appeal to the serious adventurer, the casual explorer, and travellers who are seeking to connect with nature!

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The Great Bear Rainforest is one of British Columbia's pride and joys, and is a place that is definitely off the beaten path. It can be accessed mainly via boat or floatplane, and definitely requires planning ahead of time - but is truly a once in a lifetime experience!

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