To me, summertime is synonymous with sangria time. Can I get an amen? AMEN! Whether it's in a glass, a red cup, a pitcher, or a massive punch bowl the size of my head, I'm down for some of that sweet juice any time of day.

I mean, come on, a patio and a wine drank in hand? Ughhh, total bliss. You work hard so you can appreciate these moments.

Thankfully, Vancouver has tons of incredible spots for sangria. From red to white, and even blue, this city's got you. We've come up with an awesome map to take you to some of the best places for sangria in the city. While there are hundreds more places you can go, here are some of our faves.

Lucky Taco

Where: 1685 Yew St // Kitsilano

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This adorable little taco shack in Kits has the most bomb sangrias and the baddest fishbowls ever. And look at those straws! Aren't they the best?! Not only does Lucky Taco have incredible sangrias, but their tacos are out of this world.


Where: 827 Bute St // Downtown

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If you're a sangria sippin', oyster slurpin' kinda person, then you're going to be obsessed with Ebisu. Not only do they sangria pitchers available all day, they have $1.25 oysters during their happy hour. 

Black + Blue

Where: 1032 Alberni St // Downtown

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The Black + Blue patio is probably a no-brainer, but if you haven't tried their sangria yet, honey, you are missing out. Their white wine sangria is blended with pear juice, how boujee is that? Not to mention, their patio is super chic and fancy. Regular dinner or lunch service can be a bit more on the expensive end, so we recommend going for their happy hour.

Guu Garden

Where: 888 Nelson St // Downtown

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Pitchers on pitchers on pitchers! Guu Garden legit has the best sake sangria ever. It's packed with fruits and the sweet, sweet taste of sake -- a unique twist from your typical red or white sangria. But be warned, their Cloudy Sake Sangria is not on their permanent menu, so you'll have to call in advance to check whether they'll be making it. If you want sangria ASAP, you can check out their Thurlow location that has red wine sangria on their permanent cocktail menu.

The Pawn Shop

Where: 1117 Granville St // Downtown

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Where can you get $1 tacos every day of the week in Vancouver? The Pawn Shop -- that's where. All you need in life is $1 tacos and fishbowls on fishbowls of sangria... and maybe a couple of $3 tequila shots. Located right on Granville Street, after a long night of clubbing, you can find solace at this taco spot.

The Parlour

Where: 1011 Hamilton St // Yaletown

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Okay, so the sangria doesn't exactly come in a massive copper punch bowl like the one pictured above, but if you love sangria, you probably love punch bowls too. The Parlour has three different kinds of massive punch bowls you can get, and if you want to stick with your sangria, they've got that too (see, I didn't lie to you)!

West Oak

Where: 1035 Mainland St // Yaletown

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Rosé freaking watermelon sangria -- seriously, need I say more? This drink is literally summer magic in a glass. Made with rosé wine, fresh watermelon juice, blueberries, strawberries, and lemon, this drink will quench any type of thirst you've got. Now, how can we get this in pitchers...?


Where: 15 W Cordova St // Gastown

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Call me cliché, but Tacofino Gastown will always be one of my favourite spots for sangria pitchers and tacos that just hit the spot. And if you're a true Vancouverite, you probably feel the same way too. Hit that twinkle light patio, order up some sangria, and let summer begin.

Gran Reserva at Bodega

Where: 1014 Main St // Strathcona

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If you haven't heard of Gran Reserva yet, that's okay because it's meant to be kind of unknown. Gran Reserva is the secret underground bar that you can find tucked below Bodega on Main. This bar is awesome for sangria, and taking your evening dinners way into late night drinks.

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