Vancouver Island is home to so many beautiful places to explore - away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

It is a true blessing to be able to appreciate so much serenity and natural formations just a short way from the city - and this hidden cliff on Gabriola Island is just one of many.

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The Malaspina Galleries are a series of cliff formations and rocks along the coast that has taken its toll over the years and been eroded by surf, winter storms, and frost - and has created the feeling of walking underneath a frozen wave.

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The entire walk is only a kilometre long, and will take around half an hour to walk the entire gallery - however, we definitely recommend sticking around and watching the sunset from the galleries, it is an absolutely incredible view!

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There is so much to explore around the galleries, walking around the large ledges with massive overhangs that create a roof over your head as you explore all the different nooks and crannies of the shore. 

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In the hot summer months, locals have been known to jump or dive into the ocean from the cliffs! While we're not trying to promote any kind of dangerous activities... it does look pretty fun.

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To get to the Malaspina Galleries, take the ferry to Gabriola Island. Take Taylor Bay Road - it will be the first left after the ferry, and drive until you see Malaspina Drive where you will take another left. There will be parking available at the end, where you can begin your walk!

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Make sure you lug along your cameras (or iPhones) and take some killer snaps of these natural formations!

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