If you could only eat one for the rest of your life, would you pick noodles or rice? If you picked noodles - we have the perfect deal for you! If you picked rice but love a good deal, this offer is too good to pass on.

This Vancouver eatery is offering unlimited noodles for just this week, so get in as soon as possible!

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From tomorrow until Saturday (May 16-19), One Noodle Bistro will be offering all-you-can-eat noodles for only $12.95. You can order an unlimited amount of noodles - and also customise them to however you like!

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One Noodle Bistro offers noodles such as Spicy Chicken Mian, Hearty Lamb Bone Broth Mian, Cold Noodles with Chicken, amongst others!

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Add on toppings such as bamboo shoots, bok choy, corn, black fungus strips, bean sprouts, and kimchi - and enjoy hand-pulled noodles or regular noodles!

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The one and only catch is that the first round of noodles will be served in a regular sized bowl - with all following bowls served in smaller sizes to avoid food wastage.

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This is a chance to try all of One Noodle Bistro's noodle options and customisations, so we'd jump at the chance to head on down! One Noodle Bistro is located at 887 W Broadway.

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