Get ready to take your health game to a whole new level. A Vancouver smoothie vending machine is coming this month, making it the first-ever to come to the city. Now you can skip all the noise and awkward mess when making your own and grab a smoothie on the way to work. This is so Vancouver it hurts. 

Vancouver is all about elevating the food scene, especially when it comes to healthy eating. 

From vegan eats to over the top healthy dishes, our city has it all and it's about to get even better.

According to an email sent to Narcity, Vancouver is getting its first-ever smoothie vending machine. 

To be honest, we aren’t even surprised. This is incredibly on-brand for the Vancity. 

The email explains that the locally owned Trendy Vending Inc. will be bringing The Smoothie Machine to the city at a pop-up location at Parker Street Studios. 

The official launch will take place on Tuesday, February 25, so be sure to set a reminder on your phone because we know it'll be a hit. 

Co-founder Carissa Compeotto said that this seems like a natural fit for the city. 

The debut of the machine will feature several fruit smoothies but Compeotto and her team are actively working on new blends that will include plant-based protein, vegetables, and superfoods. 

Compeotto explained that the machine acts just like a robot that makes all the smoothies in less than a minute. Nothing in the machine is premixed, it's all completely fresh.

When a smoothie is ordered, it is blended with water, ice, and a touch of a sugar substitute called Stevia. 

So far, the menu is made up of six flavours that feature 100% real fruit. 

The menu sounds drool-worthy and includes Mango Tango, Passion Peach, Pineapple Glory, Cool Banana, and Tropical Berry. 

Each smoothie will be 16 ounces and will retail for $6. 

Every menu item is 200 calories or less and will contain two to three servings of fruit.

So whether it is an after-work snack or an on-the-go drink, you will be treating your body to a healthy alternative.

Along with the health benefits, the packaging is also compostable and recyclable and the machine uses sustainable energy to operate. 

Eventually, Campeotto is planning to eventually allow customers to utilize their own reusable cups. 

With her eye on the prize, Campeotto is hoping this is the first of many smoothie vending machines in the province. 

Vancouver already has a salad vending machine, so why not add smoothies to the mix?

The Smoothie Machine

Price: $6 each

When: Tuesday, February 25

Address: 1000 Parker St., Vancouver, B.C. 

Why You Need To Go: You know you're curious to try it. Start your day off on a healthy foot and get one of Vancouver's first-ever smoothies from a vending machine. 

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