Ah, the mighty caesar. Canada's answer to a hangover. The perfect combination of salt, spice, and everything nice (like pickles, olives, and cured meats.)

I'm of the opinion that no caesar is a bad caesar. It's hard to mess up on vodka, Clamato, and virtually any kind of spice. And when that hangover hits, it's really the only thing that'll soothe a queasy stomach and cure that pounding headache.

So for anyone trying to duck a hangover, here are 7 creatively delicious caesars to try next time you find yourself a little 'under the weather' (AKA wearing pyjama pants in public and rocking a single fake eyelash from the night before.)

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Beachcomber / 1 Forks Market Rd

It's a caesar and a beer —a beazer, if you will. If you've never tried one of these, it'll take your caesar game to the next level, I promise.

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Market Burger / 645 Corydon Ave

Not only does it come with every possible topping (it's a meal in itself, really), Market Burger's caesar is spicy, flavourful and HUGE! I'd love this caesar even without the mini cheeseburger perched on top of it.

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After Dark / 121 Osborne St

The BLT caesar from After Dark is basically a sandwich in a drink. What more could you want?

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Marion Street Eatery / 393 Marion St

That salt rim is calling my name. This caesar is the opposite of watery and bland, and it's been voted best caesar in the city by numerous bloggers.

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Tavern United / 826 Regent Ave

It's big, it's bold, it kind of looks like a group of unconventional friends hanging out in a hot tub. A+ for the amount of pickled objects in this single glass.

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Rae & Jerry's Steak House / 1405 Portage Ave

Sometimes simple is best, like this traditional caesar. Plus the huge piece of celery counts as a vegetable serving for the day, so you can go ahead and order those french fries with your steak instead.


Rudy's / 375 Graham Ave

Their signature caesar contains pickled beans and Sriracha pickles. Say no more.

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