Taking a look back at 2016 in Winnipeg requires a little bit of research and a whole lot of laughs. From cat cafes to ice festivals, sports championships, and new provincial laws— it's been a hell of a year for Winnipeggers.

Out of all the unforgettable moments of 2016, there were a few that made the biggest impact on the city. We've rounded up the top 11 craziest things that happened in Winnipeg this year.


When the Heritage Classic took over the city for a weekend.

People went crazy watching Gretzky and Teemu Selanne battle it out on the outdoor rink. Plus, the game delay because it was "too sunny" meant people had plenty of time to focus on drinking beers, making the game that much more fun. Shoutout to Sum 41 for playing In Too Deep at the pre-game festivities.


When the liquor laws got a lot more lax.

And we were finally able to have brewery taprooms, pizza & beer delivered right to our houses, and even walk around The Forks with a craft beer in hand (want some even more dangerous news? Casinos are also now open for 24-hours over the weekends).


When local biz SkipTheDishes sold to a U.K. company for a cool $110 mill.

Just Eat, a big British company, bought out the Winnipeg-based online food delivery company in December. I think we can all agree that SkipTheDishes changed the way us Winnipeggers (most hungover, some just hungry) order takeout and eat out.


When we got our first ever cat cafe, Save-On-Foods, and Jollibee restaurant.

New is (usually) a good thing, and Winnipeg has certainly had its fair share of new spots in 2016. From wacky cat cafes to the largest Filipino fast food chain opening it's first Canadian location in our city, it was a good year for foodies (and cat lovers).


When we had an entire festival made of ice.

 Including an ice bar, toboggan slopes, a live DJ, and bumper cars on ice. The Great Ice Show was here from January to March—fingers crossed it's comes back for 2017!


When the Winnipeg Goldeyes won the American Association Championship.

Of course, our city's most under-appreciated and underrated sports team would take home the gold for the second time since 2012. Next year, we might actually have to pay attention at the games (rather than just reaching a daytime buzz off of angry fish pilsner and staring at the men in tight-ish pants).


When our news anchor became an internet sensation because she couldn’t stop laughing at the most bizarre goat story.

YouTube videos of Maralee Caruso from a CTV News segment reached millions of views when she couldn't hold it together about a man who walked on all fours and lived with goats in the Alps. It is a pretty ridiculous story, and apparently the world agrees.


When Steinbach, Manitoba held their first ever Pride parade.

And it was a really, really huge deal for the LGBTQ* community in the small Manitoba town (esp. because Conservative MP Ted Falk refused to attend). Thousands of people showed up to march in the streets and show their support. It's a beautiful, colourful province we live in.


When NewLeaf started flying us to B.C. for super cheap.

NewLeaf was the real MVP when they started flying at discounted rates this year, meaning us poor, cold Winnipeggers could make it to a much milder Kelowna for as little as $60. As if we really needed another reason to escape Winnipeg winters.


When Dane Cook visited and we pulled off the biggest mannequin challenge.

More than 2000 of us froze in the crowd as Dane Cook attempted to pull of a HUGE mannequin challenge at the Centennial Concert Hall in November. The video went viral and hopefully worked to raise a little more awareness for ALS.


When Vogue wrote a feature on us.

And called us, "Vaguely Exotic, Totally Obscure, and an Absolute Must-Visit Destination". Trendy brunch spot Clementine received rave reviews for upping the breakfast game in Winnipeg, and Thermea was listed as the best spot in the city to unwind. Guess we're more fashionable than we thought.
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