It's official - after keeping the world in suspense, season three of "13 Reasons Why" has been confirmed! The show posted a mysterious video on social media, announcing that the new season will be out in 2019. 

The video starts out with a close-up of a hand unlocking a student locker at Liberty High School. The locker opens and the hand reaches for a paper bag. The locker slams shut to reveal the number 3 painted on the door. 

The news comes just two weeks after Katherine Langford, who plays Hannah Baker, publicly announced that she wouldn't be returning to "13 Reasons Why." Katherine said on Instagram, "'Hannah... I love you ... and I let you go' Those are the words I was able to say six months ago, and now I can finally share with you."

@katherinelangfordembedded via  

Season two premiered on Netflix less than a month ago, on May 18th. Those of us who have since binge watched the entire thing are left with tons of questions about all the drama that unfolded in the season finale.

We're so excited to find out more about the show's third instalment!

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