With the biggest couples day of the year almost here also comes the perfect excuse to grab your girlfriends and binge on an obscene amount of Julia Roberts movies feat. some chips and dip - of course.

Valentine's Day is a day for the people you love, but Galentines is for the lucky folk who are flying solo or are inviting your friends over for a night of endless rom-coms. If that's how you plan to spend your February 14th, we've got the perfect list of movies for you to include on your big night! 


How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days 

An absolute classic, and while it makes me feel nearly ancient to say the movie just celebrated its 15th anniversary, I'll still be watching it this Wednesday. This is a must re-visit purely because that scene where Andie names Benjamin's junk still deserves an Oscar.

If you haven't seen the flick yet, be prepared to watch a girl who is determined to lose a guy in 10 days and a guy who is determined to keep a girl for a job deal get into a whirlwind relationship together that is full of laughs. 


Pretty Woman

If you thought you were getting through a rom-com list without seeing a Julia Roberts movie you are wrong, in fact, this is only the first of many Julia Roberts suggestions considering she is the queen of movies, sorry Meryl. Out of her entire roster of romantic movies, Pretty Woman is easily a cult favourite because yes, you 100% need a visit from young Richard Gere this Valentines Day. 


My Best Friend’s Wedding

Is this even a question?! My Best Friend's Wedding is the iconic switch around of the ye-old "omg I just realized I'm in love with my best friend just after he/she got engaged" storyline. Starring, you guessed it, Julia Roberts. Cliché? Yes. Necessary? Also yes. 


Bridget Jones Diary 

While the third and most recent installment of the series was meh, nothing will compare to the original. Between Hugh Grant, Colin Firth and of course the ever so lovable Renée Zellweger, how could this not already be on your list? Watch a love triangle all about the bad guy, a good guy and the most relatable girl on the planet fumble through a hilarious plotline. 


Two Weeks Notice 

Ok, Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts are easily going to dominate this entire list and I'm not mad about it at all. This flick starring Hugh Grant (of course) and Sandra Bullock is once again just one of those classic cheesy rom-coms that serves up the classic "they hate each other and then fall in love" storyline that I will never get tired of and neither will you. 


When Harry Met Sally 

Will there ever be a movie that tops When Harry Met Sally? No, probably not. The tale of "can a guy and girl really just be friends?is a classic tear-jerker, 40% due to the storyline and 60% due to the realization that men will never dress as well as they did in the early 90's. 


Sleepless In Seattle 

Ok, I'll admit this is the most far-fetched plot to ever exist but that doesn't mean I can't love this movie. Give me Tom Hanks as a single dad and his long-distance love story and I will be content watching and re-watching for the rest of my life. 


Notting Hill 

Hugh Grant AND Julia Roberts are in this movie, that's all you need to know (apart from the fact that 1999 was clearly a time too good for us to deserve).  


10 Things I Hate About you 

Are those Twitter and Tumblr accounts that rehash GIFs from this movie super annoying? Yes. Does that mean I'm not going to binge and cry over this movie whenever I can? Hell no. 10 Things I Hate About You is like The Breakfast Club, you want to say it's overrated because everybody's obsessed with it, but then you watch it and realize, nope it's just that good. 


He’s Just Not That Into You 

Another straight up classic that deserves more attention. He's Just Not That Into You deserves a standing ovation for teaching my prepubescent self how to spot a fuckboy well before New Rules became a song. I swear this was one of the last really good rom-coms and of course, it came to us in 2009, right before someone in the movie industry proposed the idea of revamping every successful movie ever "but this time... with CGI." 


Sixteen Candles

Sixteen Candles is the perfect movie if you are down to relive your angsty and ever so dramatic high school years through Sam Baker. This movie hits all of the bases for a classic Valentine's Day hit fit with one of the most iconic ending scenes there is (I have zero factual evidence to back this up but I know you probably agree). 


Love, Actually 

Yes it's technically a Christmas movie but last time I checked it's -5°C outside and my car is covered in 4 feet of snow so I will be watching Love, Actually shamelessly this Valentine's Day. This movie serves up several love stories for the price of one but you'll probably end up crying enough to account for all of them. 


27 Dresses 

James Marsden is hands down one of the most underrated typecast hot guys ever. Seriously, before Westworld he went from 27 Dresses to a movie about an animated Easter bunny. 27 Dresses gives you the story of a girl who is always the bridesmaid and never the bride and a news writer who plans to write an exposé on her (spoiler: they fall in love). So this Valentine's Day give Marsden the respect his short-lived rom-com career deserves, you will not be disappointed. 


Crazy, Stupid, Love 

This cast was so good. Picture Steve Carell, Emma Stone, Kevin Bacon, Julianne Moore and shirtless Ryan Gosling. This movie was the perfect balance of cheesy romance, hilarious jokes and just an overall fun rom-com that is a surefire pleaser for the whole crowd joining in on your Valentine's Day shenanigans. 


Working Girl 

This was Harrison Ford's first and only romantic comedy to date (and it'll probably stay that way). So if you watch Star Wars and Indiana Jones mainly to swoon over Han and Indie, do yourself a favour and check out this flick about a girl who pretends to be her boss and starts up a major deal with an investment broker (played by Ford). 

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