Okay before you say anything I know it's only the beginning of November, and I'm definitely not one of those people that starts playing Christmas music the day after Halloween. But there's no shame in getting into the Christmas spirit a little bit early this year!

It seems like everything's been coming late this year, summer showed up late, then fall showed up late and maybe winter will show up late too, but Christmas is definitely right on schedule! 

I'm not saying you have to crack out your peppermint candy canes, hot cocoa with marshmallows and Christmas decorations just yet, but it can never hurt to start planning your first holiday movie night! 

Comedy Christmas Movies 

(Like Elf and The Grinch Stole Christmas)

Classic Cartoon Christmas Movies 

(Like Frosty The Snowman and Casper's Haunted Christmas)

Romantic Christmas Movies 

(Like Love Actually and The Holiday)

Horror And Drama Christmas Movies 

(Like Krampus and Holidays)

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1. Elf 

We all know and love watching Elf over the holidays. It's a hilarious story of Elf, Buddy who comes all the way from the North Pole to NYC to find his real father. He ends up having lots of ridiculous adventures from there. It's a true Xmas classic that you can't help but watch every holiday season.

2. How The Grinch Stole Christmas 

Another amazing way to spend the holiday season is watching Jim Carrey play the grinch every year. It's funny, cheesy and entertaining even though we all know how it ends by now.

3. A Very Murray Christmas 

Bill Murray shows us that Christmas dreams do come true in this holiday movie! He worries that people won't show up to his holiday TV show due to a terrible snowstorm. But he ends up having the night of his life instead.

4. Bojack Horseman: Christmas Special 

Our favourite Bojack Horseman has his very own Xmas special available on Netflix that will keep you laughing this holiday season! 

5. Scrooged 

Another Bill Murray Christmas movie! In this one he plays a cynical and selfish executive haunted by the spirits of Christmas bearing life lessons. 

6. Just Friends

Ryan Reynolds' character in this holiday comedy travels back home for the holidays and runs into his old high school crush who was also his best friend. 

7. Four Christmases 

Both of their parents are divorced, so they have to somehow make to all 4 Christmases all in one day. Who doesn't love a good holiday movie starring our fave Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn? 

8. A Moody Christmas

This is actually a TV series but each episode is less then 30 minutes so you can basically watch the entire season in the length of a couple movies. The main character goes back to spend Christmas with his family every year, but obviously every family has it's crazy moments. 

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1. The Legend Of Frosty The Snowman

We all know the classic Christmas tale of Frosty The Snowman, but now you can watch him help all the children in the small town of Evergreen on Netflix this holiday season! It will give you the holiday cheer you need. 

2. Arthur Christmas 

Santa's son Arthur is tasked to fix a big mistake when they misplaced a present to a young girl. The catch? He only has 2 hours to finish the mission! 

3. Casper's Haunted Christmas 

The lovable friendly ghost Casper stars in a Christmas special perfect for an easy to watch holiday movie! When the ruler of all ghosts finds out that Casper isn't doing enough scaring he declares that Casper must scare one person before Christmas day. 

4. Santa Claws

A little boy Tommy leaves a box of kittens for Santa, because his mom tells him Santa isn't real. But Santa ends up being very allergic to cats and he can't complete his Christmas deliveries. So, the kittens have to step up and complete them before the night is over.

5. Shrek The Halls

The lovable Ogre family, plus Donkey, star in a fun Christmas special! This 30-minute special shows the Shrek family putting their own spin on classic holiday traditions. 

6. Bob's Broken Sleigh 

This adorable Xmas movies shows Bob, a magic-less elf, as he's chased through the forest on his sleigh by the evil puffin. Him, and the friends he makes along the way, have to bring the sleigh back in one piece in time for Christmas.

7. Dreamworks Holiday Classics 

Follow all your Dreamworks favourites as they save Christmas! It's fun for the whole family in this entertaining Christmas special. 

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1. Love Actually 

If this isn't the most classic Christmas rom-com, I don't know what is! This movie makes you love, hate and maybe even cry all within the 2 hours it will play for. This is one of those movies you must watch every holiday season to make it complete!

2. The Holiday 

A movie starring both Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz is bound to be amazing. These two play women with guy troubles that decide to swap homes and both end up meeting amazing guys for the holiday season.

3. Merry Kissmas 

A woman is engaged to marry a self-centred film director, but she ends up falling for a caterer and kissing him at their holiday party. 

4. Christmas Wedding Baby

This dramatic holiday movie follows 3 sisters as they struggle to find happiness during the Christmas season. Their youngest sister, and bride-to-be, freaks out when she finds out her first love was hired as her wedding photographer.

5. Small Town Santa

On Christmas Eve a small town sheriff has lost all his Xmas spirit. But when he arrests a man that was breaking and entering who claimed to be Santa Claus, everything changes. 

6. Noel

Everyone dreams of having a Christmas miracle happen to them. Five New Yorkers all share this dream and they come together on Christmas Eve seeking their own version of a miracle. 

7. A Holiday Engagement 

The main character Hilary is supposed to be engaged to her fiance, but when he dumps her right before Thanksgiving, she decides to hire an actor to play him so she doesn't have to tell her family.

8. Angel Of Christmas

The main character is researching a family heirloom when she discovers that it has a magical past. She then meets someone special that might not be by accident. 

For Horror Christmas Movies, Click "NEXT"

1. Krampus The Christmas Devil

You know the old tale of naughty kids getting coal instead of presents for Christmas? Well instead of coal, the naughty kids are dropping like flies and it's all because of the terrifying Christmas devil. 

2. Christmas Ranch

A rebellious teen is sent to her grandmother's ranch for the holidays to keep her out of trouble. In the beginning she hates it, but she ends up bonding with her grandmother and finding a new passion. 

3. Holidays 

Everyone says that they love the holidays, but we all know that making it through them can be a little bit tough sometimes. In this movie, making it through each holiday is literally hell. 

4. Christmas Miracle At Sage Creek

This movie takes place in 1888 in Wyoming where two families are struggling to overcome prejudice and tragedy. A special Christmas miracle saves the life of a boy in this classic holiday drama. 

5. All American Christmas Carol 

Another twist on the classic Christmas carol. This one stars a trailer park lowlife with a son named Cheese Doodle. It's about time she's visited by the ghosts of her past, present and future. 

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