It's officially the holiday season and we can finally start blasting our favourite holiday tunes, drinking hot cocoa every night, and dressing head to toe in green and red colours! 

There's no shame in sharing your holiday spirit with the world and what better way to fully embrace that holiday spirit than planning a huge Christmas movie night! 

Grab all the coziest blankets in your house, light up the fireplace, grab your candy canes and gingerbread cookies and hunker down for an evening full of our favourite holiday classics that are available on Netflix! 

Comedy Christmas Movies

Classic Cartoon Christmas Movies

Romantic Christmas Movies

Horror And Drama Christmas Movies

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Bad Santa

This comedy Christmas movie follows a conman and his partner who poses as Santa Claus as they rob department stores on Christmas Eve. 

How The Grinch Stole Christmas 

You can't get away with not watching this classic movie during the holidays. Jim Carrey plays his best character as The Grinch Who Stole Christmas!

Get Santa

After a father and son find Santa Claus sleeping in their garage because he crashed his sleigh, they have to team up to do whatever they can to save Christmas. 

The Ref

A cat burglar is forced to take a family hostage on Christmas Eve because they're dysfunctional and can't stop bickering. 

Are We There Yet? 

When the main character meets a new woman and falls for her, he finds out that she has children, which he hates. When she asks him to bring her kids to Vancouver to the holidays, they run into tons of problems along the way. 

So This Is Christmas 

This comedy is both romantic and hilarious, giving you a bit of both this holiday season. Watch the main character meet her soul mate but have to deal with her family during the holidays. 

A Very Murray Christmas 

Bill Murray plays himself in this funny Christmas movie. He worries no one will show up to his TV after a big storm hits NYC, but he ends up having the night of his life. 

Bad Santa 2 

Bad Santa is back for a second movie, this one with the two conmen hitting a Chicago charity on Christmas Eve. 

Naughty & Nice 

Hayley Duff stars in this funny and cute holiday movie! When a cynical radio host is banished to Colorado he ends up having an on-air argument with a hopeless romantic. 

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The Nightmare Before Christmas

This Tim Burton classic is also one of our most beloved Christmas movies in the bunch. Jack Skellington is King of Halloween Town but he discovers Christmas Town and attempts to bring Christmas to his own town. 

Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas 

The most beloved Disney mouse, Mickey stars in his own 3-part anthology-style Christmas movie. See all the holiday classics as portrayed by Mickey Mouse characters.

The Legend Of Frosty The Snowman

The lovable Frosty the Snowman travels to the towns where he's needed the most. In this classic he visits the town of Evergreen where he brings much-needed holiday cheer. 

Santa's Apprentice 

Santa is being forced to retire because of the rules, he doesn't want to but since he doesn't have a choice he has to train someone to take his place. 

Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas

This is the entertaining sequel to Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas that would be great for a classic cartoon movie binge-watch this holiday season! 

Curious George A Very Monkey Christmas 

Everyone's favourite cartoon monkey stars in his very own Christmas movie. George and The Man In The Yellow Hat are counting down the days until Christmas, but neither of them know what to give to each other! 

Casper's Haunted Christmas 

The supreme ruler of all ghosts tells Casper that he isn't scaring enough people. So before Christmas Day Casper is told he must scare one person. 

The Magic Snowflake 

A young boy named Nicholas is about to become the next Santa Claus but first he must fix a crisis that's threatening the magic of Christmas. 

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Love Actually 

Love Actually is the most classic Christmas romance movie out there, you can't go this holiday season without watching it at least once. It follows a bunch of different people that are all connected in one way or another as they try to navigate their love lives and family around the holiday season. 

12 Dates Of Christmas 

Basically a modern "groundhog day" that follows Kate after she has a terrible blind date on Christmas Eve. She wakes up the next day to find that she has to relive this day over and over again. 

A Holiday Engagement 

A woman is dumped by her fiance before the holidays, but instead of telling her family she hires an actor to play her fiance at their big family dinner. 

Marry Me For Christmas 

To make her family happy during the holidays, a woman pretends to be engaged to one of her employees. 

Christmas In The Smokies 

This classic Christmas movie is set in the beautiful smoky mountains giving this the movie the perfect backdrop. It's the story of a family's struggle as they try to save their historic berry farm during the holidays. 

White Christmas 

This movie made back in 1954, makes for a Christmas classic that we all know and love. A successful song and dance team become romantically involved with a sister act to save a failing inn in Vermont.

A Christmas Kiss

While decorating her boss' home for a Christmas party she ends up kissing her boyfriend. This kiss causes her to fall for her boss' boyfriend and causes all kinds of drama. 

Christmas In The City

Ashanti stars in this good-hearted Christmas movie. When a woman's beloved small-town sweet shop is in danger of closing, she moves to the city to find a job at a department store to save it. 

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Happy Christmas 

Anna Kendrick stars in this Christmas movie that shows just how dysfunctional families really are during the holidays. 

A Christmas Horror Story

A bunch of interwoven stories of literal Christmas horror stories are told by a festive radio host as they all take place on Christmas Eve. 


When a boy accidentally breaks three rules concerning his new pet, he unleashes hoards of mischievous monsters on his home town. 


When a businesswoman leaves work hoping to get home in time to celebrate Christmas Eve with her family, she is locked in a parking garage by a psychopath and terrorized all night. 


Everyone knows that the holidays can be tough, but in this movie they're literally hell to survive. It takes folklore and traditions surrounding the most beloved holidays and puts a dark and unique spin on them. 


A young Susan Sarandon stars in this heartfelt Christmas movie where 5 New Yorkers are searching for their own holiday miracle. 

The Spirit Of Christmas 

Kate is a workaholic lawyer that has 3 weeks to get a haunted bed and breakfast sold. It deals with ghosts, the holidays and romance all rolled into one. 

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