Well it's finally October and Halloween is creeping closer and closer. This means people will be wandering the streets in zombie costumes, darkness envelopes us earlier and earlier, and all the murderers and monsters will soon be out to play. 

I have to admit upfront that I barely watch horror movies because they terrify me to my very core. You definitely don't want to watch a horror movie with me because I'll be jumping out of my seat and screaming at the top of my lungs every 5 minutes. 

But I can see the draw that horror movies have on people. It gives you that rush of adrenaline when something jumps out at you that can honestly become addictive. 

October is the perfect month to grab your movie buddies, significant other or the closest pillow and hunker down for a huge horror movie marathon. Whether you like classic slasher films, thrillers, paranormal movies or comedy-horror flicks this list has got you covered on all the best horror movies on Netflix Canada right now!  

Slasher Horror Movies 🔪

Thriller Horror Movies 😱

Paranormal Horror Movies 👿

Comedy Horror Movies 👻

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Slasher Horror Movies 🔪

- You're Next 

This movie is just as terrifying as it sounds and if you love slasher films you're guaranteed to love this one. The plot involves a wealthy family with conflict that comes together one evening to try to mend their relationships. Instead, a group of masked axe-wielding assailants begin terrorizing them all night long.

- Stake Land 

Stake Land is like your typical zombie apocalypse movie but instead of zombies it's vampires. A plague hits America and turns everyone into blood sucking vampires. The plot follows the protagonist and an orphan he rescued  as they search for safety. 

- Train To Busan 

Another zombie apocalypse movie but this one has an interesting twist with the characters running for their lives on a train in South Korea. It's obviously not your typical zombie movie! 

- Hush 

This creepy film shows a deaf writer who lives in a cabin deep in the woods but when a masked man comes to her door to kill her she has to fight for her life. It's a very suspenseful movie that will keep you on your toes the whole time!

- The Human Centipede

By now I think everyone has heard of the disgusting and terrifying movie that is The Human Centipede. If you haven't the basic plot is that a crazy surgeon decides to make his darkest fantasies come true by suturing 3 people together by their gastric system, you can use your imagination to figure out the rest!

- Boys In The Trees 

This movie isn't as much a horror movie as it is a drama but it's still has some scary parts to keep you on your toes. The plot follows two teen boys on Halloween night in the 90s as they sort through their memories. 

- Backcountry 

This thriller shows a couple that decide to take a wilderness hike but become lost and land right in an aggressive black bear's territory. 

- Texas Chainsaw Massacre

This is a classic slasher film that probably everyone has seen or at least heard of by now. Here's a recap of the plot in case you haven't seen it yet: a group of friends head into a town and on their way run into a crazed family of cannibals. The movie was said to be a true story but that actually isn't true so there won't be a leatherface out to chainsaw you to death. 

- The Den 

This terrifying horror movie uses the Internet as it's main weapon. A woman studying webcam users witnesses a horrific murder and then becomes the killers next target. 

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Thriller Horror Movies 😱

- Sharknado 

This movie got a lot of flak when it came out from movie lovers and honestly it probably isn't the most terrifying horror movie you could find on Netflix but it is there! You can basically see what it's about just from that picture and the movie doesn't have much more depth than that. 

- Lake Placid 

There's been tales in history of massive creatures that live in deep waters. While we know they're probably not true this movie takes this idea and makes a suspenseful thriller out of it. When a man is violently killed in Lake Placid the Sheriff and a Palaeontologist try to figure out what might be lurking in the deep.

- Shutter Island 

The plot follows the U.S Marshall (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his partner (Mark Ruffolo) as they travel to an insane asylum to figure out how a brutal murderer might have escaped. If you've seen this movie you know how suspenseful and psychologically interesting it is, but if you haven't it's definitely a must-see!

- The Host

There are currently two movies named The Host on Netflix but it's the horror movie version with the massive creature on the cover. In this movie the Korean government decides to dump tons of toxic waste into the Han River. Years later a creature emerges from the waters and terrorizes the local residents!

- Emelie 

This movie takes a twist on the creepy babysitter when a family hires a new babysitter and she begins to subject their kids to a series of tests and games. You can guess how this one goes but you'll never guess how it ends!

- The Invitation 

A woman and her new husband throw a dinner party including the woman's ex-husband. The ex-husband begins to realize that the couple has sinister intentions for their dinner party guests. This suspenseful thriller keeps you on your toes and you'll have those anxious feelings the entire time.

- Circle 

This movie is totally psychological and terrifying but you won't be able to look away from the screen. A group of strangers are captured and forced to choose one person within the group that deserves to live, the other will die. 

- Gerald's Game

This movie is completely unique to anything ever done before and was originally a book written by Stephan King. A married couple decides to spice things up in bed but when her husband dies unexpectedly in the middle of sex she's left handcuffed to the bed to fight for her life. 

- The Devil's Candy

This movie is the definition of creepy haunted house where a struggling painter and his family move into a giant house in Texas. He becomes obsessed with satanic forces and the movie becomes more intense from there.

- Psycho 

The movie available on Netflix is the 1998 remake of the 1960s classic, Psycho. A woman steals a ton of money from her boss and then flees with her boyfriend but they make a stop along the way at Bates Motel. From there things go murderously wrong. 

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Paranormal Horror Movies 👿

- The Grudge 

This is one of the classic horror movie that everyone knows but I'll lay out the plot for you just in case. An American nurse living and working in Tokyo is exposed to a supernatural curse that traps the victim in a rage before taking their life and being passed onto the next victim. 

- It Follows 

This movie takes the theme 'coming of age' and runs with it. It's super creative and interesting but basically as teens are starting to have sex they can become exposed to an STM (sexually transmitted monster). This STM can only be seen by the one that was exposed and you can only escape it by passing it onto to someone else. 

- Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension 

The newest of the Paranormal Activity series is The Ghost Dimension which takes their unique idea of realistic seeming cameras that film the paranormal activity in the house. This family notices that their daughter is being haunted by an evil entity so they purchase special cameras that can see spirits in an effort to protect her.

- The Canal

This creepy movie will probably haunt your dreams for a very long time after you see it. It follows a film activist who is given an old reel of film footage which depicts a horrific that occurred in the 1990s. 

- Honeymoon

The majority of this movie is acted solely by two young actors which is super unique for the horror movie industry. It follows a newlywed couple as they head out to a cabin deep in the woods for their honeymoon. The wife decides to go out into the woods one night for a walk where something happens to her. She comes back to the cabin and her husband slowly realizes that something is terribly wrong.

- Creep 

This movie is super creepy, maybe a little predictable for horror movie lovers, but terrifying all the same. When a videographer answers a random craigslist ad to follow a man around filming him for one day at his cabin in the woods. He finds out eventually that his client is not at all what he thought he was. 

- The Sixth Sense

Another classic horror movie made in 1999, the Sixth Sense is a simple yet thrilling paranormal story. It follows a young boy who can communicate with spirits that don't know yet that they have died. 

- Diary Of An Exorcist- Zero

I don't know about you but exorcist movies terrify me to my very core. They're just so creepy and it could happen right?? Well this movie follows the life of an exorcist who fights demons. One day he has to fight the very source of evil. 

- Bleed

This is one of those movies where you'll be screaming "Don't do it, don't go in there!" basically the entire time. A group of friends decide to go ghost hunting in an abandoned prison and you can probably imagine all the terrifying things that happen next.

- The Abandoned

An unstable woman tries to get her life back on track by taking a job as a night guard at a now-abandoned apartment complex. She quickly finds out that there is a dark and evil presence in the building that she must fight if she wants to get out alive.

- Before I Wake 

A young couple decide to adopt a young boy whose dreams, and nightmares, come to life as he sleeps. 

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Comedy Horror Movies 👻

- Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil 

This movie takes the idea of murderous hillbillies but makes light of it. The hillbilly brothers are on vacation at their mountain cabin when their mistaken for murderers by a group of college students. 

- Patchwork 

This movie may look an actual horror movie but don't be fooled it's definitely a comedy-horror film. It follows 3 young women who go out partying one night and end up Frankensteined together into one body. They have to put aside their differences so they can exact revenge on whoever did this to them!

- Zombieland

This classic comedy-horror makes light of the zombie apocalypse movies that are oh-so common these days. It follows a group of interesting characters as they try to make their way across a zombie-filled America to an amusement park. 

- Scream 4

Unfortunately, Netflix Canada only has Scream 4 available for streaming but this one is even more ridiculous than the others. It takes place 10 years after the murders occurred when Sidney Prescott has finally recovered from the terror she endured and is face AGAIN by the Ghostface Killer. 

- What We Do In The Shadows 

This hilarious comedy-horror film shows a documentary film crew that follows the lives of a group of vampires around for a few months. The vampires share a house in New Zealand and have their own set of domestic conflicts. 

- Ava's Possessions 

After freeing herself from a demonic possession, Ava has to deal with her life afterwards. It's not as easy as one might think! 

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