Now that we've officially entered fall and we can feel the chill creeping into the air that tells us winter is coming, our hibernation is starting to kick in. When the weather gets chilly it's just not as appealing to spend hours outside exploring the city, spending time with friends or going out every weekend.

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Instead, it's much more appealing to spend our time indoors with our best friends, family or S/O cuddling up with a big bag of popcorn and having a movie and TV show marathon. 

It is October so horror movies are a great option, but you really can't go wrong with a good drama. Dramas make us feel all the emotions, whether it's a romantic drama, comedy drama or teen drama. 

So pick your favourites, grab your Netflix person, stock up on snacks and get ready for a drama marathon! 

Teen Dramas 🎓

Romantic Dramas 💘

Comedy Dramas 😂

90s Dramas 🎥

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Teen Dramas 🎓


Riverdale just started airing it's second season so it deserved the top spot on this list. Riverdale is a very dramatic remake of the classic Archie comics that we all grew up reading when we were younger. They've taken some liberties with the remake but it's still a good show nonetheless. 

The Breakfast Club 

Honestly, who doesn't love the Breakfast Club? It's a group of misfits that get stuck in detention together and end up discovering all their similarities even though they couldn't be more different. 

The Secret Life Of The American Teenager

The Secret Life Of The American Teenager is the story of Amy as she goes through an unplanned pregnancy. All the drama that occurs after that is super entertaining but very easy to watch and binge. 

You Get Me

After Tyler and his girlfriend break up, he ends up having a one night stand with an emotionally unstable girl that tries to break him and his girlfriend up. This story isn't as simple as that though and turns pretty dark at the end.


Skins is a British drama that changes groups of characters every 2 seasons. It shows how each group struggles with teenage life, drugs, love and family problems. 

13 Going On 30

This entertaining RomCom starring Jennifer Gardner shows her character's 13 year old self being transported into her 30s. Her wish to be '30, flirty and thriving' isn't all it cracks up to be as she soon discovers. 

Pretty Little Liars

Years after their best friend Alison goes missing, they start receiving messages from a mysterious A threatening to reveal all of their deepest, darkest secrets. 

To The Bone

To The Bone just came out this year and has already started complex conversations about the disease anorexia. Lilly Collins plays a girl who is struggling with this disease and checks herself into a group recovery home where the unconventional doctor forces her to face her disease. 

Charlie St. Cloud

This movie starts with a car crash which Charlie's little brother Sam, doesn't survive. He discovers that he can see and talk to Sam but when Charlie falls in love with a girl he has to choose her or his brother.

The Vampire Diaries 

The Vampire Diaries is the timeless tale of a human falling in love with a vampire. This story becomes even more complicated as witches and other supernatural beings become involved.

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Romantic Dramas💘

The Notebook 

This timeless movie is everything you need for a girl's night in or a romantic Netflix night with bae. Grab the popcorn and get your box of tissues ready because this epic love story will get those tears flowing.

Breakfast At Tiffany's 

This dreamy 60s movie features the famous Audrey Hepburn in one of her best movies. Her character becomes interested in a man that moves into her building but her past gets in the way of this love story along the way.

The Time Travellers Wife

I recently watched this movie after reading the book a few years ago and wow, was this a heart wrenching movie! It follows a man who travels in time constantly but has no control over it at all and his wife and their unbelievable love story.


This Netflix original just aired it's second season this year and it was just as entertaining as the first. It follows the two main characters as they try to navigate through their lives and a relationship with all it's complications.

The Vow

Another Rachel McAdams classic, this one also featuring the handsome Channing Tatum. After his wife ends up in a coma after a bad car accident and wakes up with no memory of their past, he has to win her heart all over again.


This hilarious British TV series (previously named Scrotal Recall when I started watching it) follows a guy who ends up with the STI Chlamydia and has to call all his previous partners to tell them they might also have contracted it. It's a light and entertaining show that's super easy to binge watch.

6 Years

This movies stars a young couple that has been together since they were in high school. But now they've moved on with their lives and have to figure out if they still fit into each other's futures. 

Blue Is The Warmest Color 

This is a dramatic and romantic coming-of-age story of two girls falling in love. It's the story of first loves, intimacy and teenage struggles all rolled into one.

Grey's Anatomy 

If you haven't already watched the classic heart wrenching TV drama that is Grey's Anatomy, then you absolutely need to right now. It's the story of a group of surgeons just starting out in their first year of residency. Of course there's an unlimited amount of romance mixed in their as well.


This romantic drama follows a girl in Nevada that becomes involved with a woman that introduces her to a life of drugs, partying, stripped and more. 

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Comedy Dramas 😂

Don't Think Twice

This hilarious comedy follows a group of friends in an improv group after one of their members hits it big. The other members have to decide if chasing after that life is worth it. 

This Is The End

This movie is all kinds of weird but that's what makes it funny. The characters are the actual actors themselves attending a party at James' Franco's house when they're faced with the end of the world as they know it.

The Office

It's so hard not to fall head over heels for this TV show because it's just so hilarious. The characters are all unique and over the top but that makes the whole show so amazing and perfect. 

Tiny Furniture 

Lena Dunham creates this sharp and funny film starring herself as a college student that returns home and has to figure out what she wants to do with the rest of her life. 

Arrested Development 

This hilarious TV series shows a rich but clueless family that struggles to run the family business after their father is arrested for fraud. The characters are all extremely ridiculous as they try to maintain their lavish lifestyles in this hard time.

Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil

This movie is more of a horror comedy than drama but it's still funny all the same. It's the story of two hill billies that take a vacation at their cabin in the woods when a group of college students mistake them for murderers. 

White Chicks 

White Chicks is the most classic comedy from the early 2000s on Netflix. Two black cops have to dress up as two white chicks to save attend an event in order to save their jobs. 

Master Of None 

This popular TV series on Netflix just released it's second season starring the hilarious Aziz Ansari. This show is so entertaining because even though it's a comedy, the episodes are so relatable to millennials. 

Mean Girls 

Everything about this movie is amazing and no one can ever convince me otherwise. It takes high school cliques and drama to a whole new level but that's what makes it so entertaining to watch and rewatch!

Punch-Drunk Love

If you're an Adam Sandler fan then this movie should be right up your alley. It's like your basic Rom Com but with a few funny differences that make it unique and entertaining to watch.

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90s Dramas 🎥


One of the best 90s romance dramas ever made (in my opinion, of course). Clueless follows the rich high school student, Cher, as she struggles with love, friendship and school. It's funny, cute and super easy to watch. Perfect for a girls night in!

Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct is both a Thriller and a Drama making it action packed and suspenseful. It follows a violent  detective as he investigates a brutal murder. He gets involved with a manipulative woman and the story goes from there!

Forrest Gump 

This is a classic movie that really pulls on our heart strings every time we watch it. It follows the main character Forrest Gump, a man from Alabama with developmental problems who lives through a changing time in American history. It's a story of love, life and death that everyone can relate to. 

Picture Perfect

Everyone loves Jennifer Aniston, and if you say you don't you're a liar! This movies stars a young Jennifer in where her character tries to impress her boss by pretending to be engaged to a man she just met. You can imagine all the drama that occurs afterward. 


If you're planning on watching this movie, you're going to need a big box of tissues next to you because you're going to be bawling by the end. When NASA discovers a massive asteroid is going to be hitting the Earth, they recruit a team to head out to space and save our lives. 

Freaks And Geeks 

Freaks and Geeks was an amazing TV show that was untimely cancelled after just one season. Over the years it's become increasingly popular because of it's entertaining coming-of-age story. It follows the main characters as they struggle through their high school years.

The Sixth Sense

This is considered a thriller to some but it's also a well-known drama that's available on Netflix right now. It's the story of a young boy who can see and speak to dead people that aren't aware that they've died yet.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

I've probably watched this entire TV series a total of 5 or more times because it's just so great. If you haven't watched it yet you're missing out on an action packed, vampire filled teen drama! 

Good Will Hunting

A young and gorgeous Matt Damon plays an incredibly smart mathematician that is stuck in a janitors job at MIT. Robin Williams plays a therapist that helps him find his direction in life.

Pulp Fiction

This classic crime drama follows two hit men, a boxer, a gangster's wife and two diner bandits in a story that interestingly intertwines. 

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