If you haven't been on Netflix lately, you may have missed the news that as of January, all of the Bring It On films have been added to the streaming service. If you grew up watching the infamous cheerleading series like me, then this news is totally major.

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Let's be real though, it won't take you too long to binge watch all the films, and then you'll be in search of new movies to watch! Don't worry, we've got your back. The following is a list of six heartwarming films you should definitely check out on Netflix once you've binged all of Bring It On:

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

When I was a kid, this was THE movie to watch during a sleepover with your BFFs. The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants is a movie about all the things that are important to a teenage girl - friendship, adventure, family, and of course... love. If you didn't get a chance to watch it as a kiddo, it was recently added to Netflix, so you can check it out now!

Can't Hardly Wait

Maybe it's just me, but there's something so oddly entertaining about watching 90s and early 2000s rom-coms. This movie may be older than me, but that doesn't mean that it's not worth watching - some things get even better with age! Can't Hardly Wait is about a group of high school seniors on their last night of school, ready to embark on adulthood... whatever that may be. It's totally hilarious, and might even bring you back to your high school days (even if they weren't that long ago). 

My Best Friend's Wedding

Young Julia Roberts and young Cameron Diaz fighting over a man? Sounds pretty entertaining to me. My Best Friend's Wedding is the classic story of a boy-meets-girl, boy's best friend suddenly realizes that she's in love with him. It never occurred to Jules that she might be in love with Michael, until he found "the one", that is. This is another great late 90s rom-com for you to laugh (and cry) over on your next movie night.

The Perfect Man

This was definitely one of my favourite movies to watch growing up (mostly because I loved Hilary Duff, but it's still a really good flick regardless), and now that it's on Netflix, you can watch it too! The Perfect Man follows a single mother and her two daughters as they're on the quest to find the ideal candidate for her. She has a track record of dating losers, so Holly has no choice but to invent the ideal guy to save her mom from another heartbreak.

Riding in Cars with Boys

If you're not the type who likes crying during movies, maybe skip this one. Riding in Cars with Boys is a coming-of-age story about Beverly (played by Drew Barrymore), who has been boy crazy from a very young age. At age 15, she finds herself pregnant, and gives birth to a baby boy.  The child's father is a drug addict, but Beverly marries him anyway, and does her best to make do with the circumstances at hand. 

The Kissing Booth

If you want an option from this decade, I highly recommend you watch The Kissing Booth. This is a heart-warming story of high school friendship and love, and anyone who's ever had a crush on their friend's older sibling will totally relate to it. Elle and Lee have been best friends since birth, and through the duration of their friendship, they've developed some rules. The most important rule, though, is that Elle isn't allowed to fall in love with Lee's super cute older brother, Noah. What happens if Elle breaks that rule? You'll have to watch and find out!

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