Stranger Things 2 may have only unveiled itself less than a week ago, but Sci-Fi nerds near and far are already craving more.

And who can blame them? The show is utterly addictive, packing pop-culture references, '80s nostalgia and gripping-the-edge-of-your-seat scenes all in one. Unfortunately, because it's so good, most fans have already took no time at all to zip through the entire second season, leaving nothing but an Eggo-shaped hole in our hearts.

So if you're twiddling your thumbs until Stranger Things 3, here's our rundown of must-watch shows that will satisfy your hunger for the Upside Down. 

The OA

This trippy Netflix Sci-Fi series was dropped back in December. The story follows Prairie Johnson, who returns to her family seven years after mysteriously vanishing. The twist? She was blind before she disappeared, but now she can see. Stranger Things elements are present throughout the show's eight episodes, from a group of kids who ride bikes to creepy laboratories and women with abilities that trigger nosebleeds. In fact, you wouldn't be alone if you mistook The OA and Stranger Things for being set in the same universe. 

Black Mirror

This sci-fi series of stand-alone dramas might be your best bet when it comes to finding a Stranger Things replacement. Black Mirror looks at the darker side of technology and gives us an all-too-real look at the risks of modern society. You'll find some episodes are hilarious, while some are downright terrifying.


The on-screen take of everyone's favourite comic isn't exactly supernatural, but it is dark, and it's definitely addictive. Imagine the Stranger Things cast in high school, add in some raging hormones and love triangles, and you have Riverdale (sort of). 

Twin Peaks

This cult-favourite sets the tone for every other small-town supernatural murder-mystery series. And if grainy '90s TV series aren't your thing, you're in luck. The show just came back for a 2017 reboot - 25 years after the original.

The X-Files

If you're looking for a Stranger Things-esque show that will occupy your time for the rest of the year, you've found it. The X-Files has an incredible 10 seasons to its name. The series follows two FBI agents - not unlike Stranger Thing's Jim Hopper and mom Joyce Bryers - who investigate unexplained mysteries one might find in the Upside Down.

Wayward Pines

The Duffer brothers, who created Stranger Things, were writers on this show - and you can tell. This quintessential Sci-Fi show centers on an 'idyllic' small town where things are not as they appear. The story follows a federal agent who stumbles upon the town and the residents' peculiar behaviour. 

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