If you've been keeping up with the latest Netflix original series, you may have heard of a show called The Order. The show gives off a mix between American Horror Story and The Vampire Diaries vibes and is about a young university student who finds himself mixed up in a fabled secret society, playing a dangerous game of life and death. Intriguing, right? Here are six shows to watch on Netflix Canada if you loved The Order:

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Hemlock Grove

Although it was canceled after just three seasons, Hemlock Grove brought a rush of adrenaline to Netflix subscribers everywhere. It almost gives off Twilight-esque vibes, but with more mature themes. The show is about a quaint, small town that's suddenly turned upside down by an outsider with a carnivorous secret. As the series unfolds, you quickly find out that monsters come in many shapes, and no one is safe.


If you don't mind watching series' in foreign languages, Diablero should be added to your list ASAP. The show follows your typical angels vs. demons storyline, except in this show, demons are disguised as normal people, and the angels took off long ago. Who's left to save the day, you ask? Heroes, of course!


Like most sci-fi shows, in Travelers, a world in the future has dwindled down to a population of almost nothing. Luckily, the few humans left have uncovered the secret of time travel, so they're able to head back in time and connect with other humans to prevent disaster from striking in the future.


Although a lot of us joke about never wanting to get any older than 22, let's be real, it would be totally devastating to have your life end that early. In the show Between, that's exactly what happens - everyone over the age of 22 in the town of Pretty Lake suddenly dies of mysterious causes. The population is quickly dwindling, but no one can leave down - their only option is to wait.

Altered Carbon

In a perfect world, when you die, your consciousness would simply move on to another body, and in Altered Carbon, that's exactly what happens. The show is about the wealthiest man on Earth, Laurens Bancroft, who has lived many lives in many bodies. When Bancroft is suddenly murdered, he brings back an ex-solider to solve the mystery of his death in return for another shot at life. 


Even just the trailer for Glitch will have you on the edge of your seat - the show is the perfect mix of zombies, romance, drama, and mystery. For some unknown reason, seven people mysteriously return from the dead and it's up to a small town cop and doctor to figure out why.

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