If you've been perusing through Netflix lately, it's likely that you've heard about a show called The Umbrella Academy. The show is about a family that becomes reunited after their father's death. While they come together, these estranged families learn not only about their secret powers but also about dark family secrets. Sounds pretty interesting, right? Whether you've watched the show or not, you can never have too many Netflix recommendations! Here are some suggestions on what to watch on Netflix Canada if you loved The Umbrella Academy:


What happens when the devil leaves hell? Well, watch Lucifer and you might just find out! During his time on earth, Lucifer finds himself crossing over to the "good side" to help solve murders and protect the people he meets. Of course, he's still no angel - he also happens to run a nightclub. The Fox series has three seasons on Netflix, so you'll have plenty to binge watch!

Black Mirror

If you have yet to watch Black Mirrortake this as a sign that you should finally hop on the bandwagon. It's a show that's definitely worth every bit of hype that it deserves, and it'll open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. The series looks into the very near future, exploring real-world problems that for some of us, consist of our worst nightmares.

The Good Place

If you're looking for something a bit more lighthearted, I highly recommend The Good Place. This show is about a woman who spent her life looking out for herself at the expense of others, but somehow miraculously ended up in "the good place" after dying. Now, she has to figure out how to fit in before she gets sent down under, and it isn't gonna be easy!

Stranger Things

Based on all the child actors in the show, one might assume that Stranger Things is for a more family-friendly audience, but that's not the case at all. The series follows a bunch of curious kids as a dark mystery turns a town upside down, and with the third season set to come out sometime this year, there's no reason for you not to watch it now!


Out of all the original series' that Netflix has released, Maniac remains one of my all time favourites. For a group of people suffering from mental illness, an experimental drug that promises to rewire their brains seems to be the best option. The best option isn't always healthy though, as the subject quickly find out. 

The 100

The 100 definitely isn't your average teen drama. In this show, juvenile delinquents are punished with the unimaginable - being sent back to Earth, which has been totally devastated, in order to repopulate it. The challenge definitely isn't easy, but it's their only chance at survival. 

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